NBR® has given thousands of women the ability to achieve their hair goals while maintaining the integrity of their natural hair. 

I’m Danielle K White, the owner of DKW Styling Salon and the creator of Natural Beaded Rows®️.

I wanted to share a little bit of my own personal journey and hair struggles with you because I know we all have them. And so I thought I would show you a few things that helped me achieve the amazing hair I now have today.

First off, I have very fine hair that doesn’t grow very well. I was always told that extensions would not be a good option for me and that they are just too damaging.

Shortly after attending hair school, of course, I wanted to figure out a solution that worked for my own hair.

Throughout my career, I literally had tried over a dozen different methods in my hair. I figured out what worked and what didn’t.

Like many women who don’t actually have great hair, I just wanted long hair that looked natural and simultaneously left my hair intact. After trying literally *everything* on the marketplace, I found the best thing for my hair was to have less attached areas overall and nothing with glue or tape applied to my hair.

And, after trying a little bit of everything on my own hair as well as clients’ hair, I felt that I had come up with a solution that worked for not only my hair but multiple textures and types of hair.

This was the moment when Natural Beaded Rows® was first created. 

Color Blending

Another big problem I discovered over the years with extensions is if the colors don’t blend. 

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter what installation process you use:  if your color doesn’t match, then it’s a complete dead giveaway that it’s hair extensions.

This was one of the many reasons I created ISLA™ Hand-Tied Hair by Natural Beaded Rows®️.

With myself having short layers on top, it made it even trickier to blend the color.

Everything inside of ISLA™ Hand-tied Hair Line is pre-rooted pre-toned and actually has more grams per weft. This basically means you get softer blends that look more natural and full.

There’s nothing worse than having extensions that don’t quite fill things in, you know? 

Not only that, but ISLA™ Hand-Tied Hair has less silicone, which means no more shiny hair. I created it based on what I wanted for my own hair as well as clients’ hair, and it’s exclusive to DKW Styling Salon, which means this is not a Hand-tied Hair-Line you will see anywhere else on the market.

So, let’s talk about the installation process of NBR®️:

It’s a track created with beads where hand-tied hair is sewn onto it. And for those who don’t know what hand-tied hair is, then let me show you:

Now I realize there are many different beaded systems available on the market today. However, this was not the case when I started my brand almost 10 years ago. All the intricate details make NBR what It is today.


For example, placement plays a huge role in maximizing the ability to hide your extensions and also pull them up in a ponytail placement if you wanted to.

Also, there’s a massively important rule when it comes to not compromising the integrity of your natural hair.

Basically, it’s this:

you should never put extensions where the hair is too fine or too thin. 

Again these were all problems that I faced while not having naturally great hair. These experiences of trial and error helped me create what would be the best solution for myself and my clients.


With NBR®️, You will need to tighten them every 6-8 weeks. Which is typically around the time you have your hair colored. So the timing works out great.

ISLA™ Hand-tied Hair lasts 6-9 months, and the colors fade out beautifully, which means you won’t have to worry one bit about that awkward fade out.


Most of our clients wear only two rows of NBR®️. Each row has multiple pieces of hand-tied hair on it to give you the fullness you want. Each row is also customized based on the precise thickness and length of your natural hair for a truly seamless blend (I currently have in 2.5 rows).

Appointments & Consultations

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Danielle K. White
Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extension Method, 
Owner of the DKW Styling Salon.
Founder of Big Money Stylist.

**All work showcased in this blog post done by Danielle K White, the Owner of DKW Styling Salon.

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