Hey, guys, it’s Danielle, the creator of NBR®️ Hair Extensions!

 For the first time in almost 5 years, I’m re-launching the NEW NBR®️ Advanced Online Course!!

Over the last two years, we created an NBR®️ manual, which is how to teach NBR®️ consistently and correctly. 

I brought on 10 educators across the nation, and everyone needed to teach NBR®️ the exact same to keep the integrity of the brand. Each one of my educators goes through a one year process of learning how to teach NBR®️ cohesively and correctly before they hold classes.

After creating this manual, I felt I understood the concepts of how to educate others better, and this was one of the reasons I thought I wanted to re-launch my online course.

 I wasn’t interested in just selling a “demo” I wanted artists to understand how to do it correctly and why…

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Why is it essential to discover your niche??

 When I first graduated cosmetology school, I wanted to find a solution for my crappy fine toddler strands.

I’ve never been able to grow my hair out, and I’ve always been told that I should just “be happy” with a “Bob” style cut.

Immediately after graduating from Cosmetology school, I wanted to look into hair extensions mainly to solve my own problems with my own set of hair. 

I was told by many stylists in my industry,

  “Don’t do it!! They’ll RUIN your hair!!”. 

 And to top it all off, they were so convinced it was the “WORST THING EVER” that they flat-out told me hair extensions was “a service that I shouldn’t offer “… 

So… I was in search to learn the perfect system.

I tried pretty much anything available in the market – Tape-ins, Glue-in, Beaded, Braided, etc.

 You name it; I tried it.

There are pros and cons to everything I learned while split-testing these different systems.

But my biggest concern was the following:

 “How can I have beautiful, natural-looking extensions without it ruining my hair?!”…

This is the question that sparked the inception of NBR®️

 I finally found my own way of doing hair extensions that not only didn’t take all day in the salon but also gave me the most fullness and the least amount of damage (thank heavens 🙌)…

 For the first time, I felt like I had a solution to my own hair.

And so naturally, I decided I was DONE offering any other methods of hair extensions.

I had discovered my niche.

And in doing so, I was finally able to cut my hours in half while increasing my income behind the chair.

 Long story short?

 Women were getting truly un-ignorable and breathtaking results without actually having to spend all day at the salon.

A modern-day hair care miracle?


 But I thought to myself,

 “If I can give them the same amazing results in half the time, then why COULDN’T I charge the same as other hair extension methods that took almost ALL DAY at other salons?”

 It was at this point that I realized a dream of mine: I had finally created a system that I genuinely felt proud to wear.

 And at the same time, I had finally created a system that I also felt incredibly pleased to offer to my clients as a competent solution for them, as they were also experiencing many of the same hair challenges I previously did as well.

 It was from here where I started casually training as a hairstylist, and then eventually and happily launched my brand of Natural Beaded Rows®️.

 It was when I launched this new brand that I began to do hair extensions and hair color exclusively.

 I could now do a full set and color in THREE hours (I kid you not), and this was UNHEARD OF in our industry at the time (and I wasn’t working with an assistant in the beginning, either)…

 The bottom line?

 Having a NICHE will set you FREE.

Click Here to Learn More about the New NBR®️ Advanced Online Course!!

 I’m only releasing 150 units. ( I just released this two days ago, and half are already gone) After that, the online course will be locked in the vault and won’t be available again until November 2020!! (This first release is on sale for $1,099, and will go up to $1,700) 

 So what exactly is included in the NBR®️ Advanced Online Course?

  Not only do I teach you the installation process, but I will also be showing you how I color the natural hair and choose the perfect color of ISLA™ Hand-tied Hair to blend!!

 Blending extension hair is a huge passion of mine!!

 But let’s face it.

 Regardless of the installation process – if the color doesn’t blend, then it’s an obvious and embarrassing giveaway that it’s hair extensions. In this section, we go over understanding multiple tones in the hair and how to match it correctly. You’ll also see me do a full-color transformation on the natural hair and how I think through color.

 Next, we go in-depth with sectioning.

 Sectioning is the foundation for NBR®️ and helps to position the extensions to where they hide the hairline as well as create little to no damage in the natural hair. We go over how to place extensions on multiple hair textures.

 Then we go over the full installation process of NBR®️.

 Step-by-step, everything is broken down, so that you clearly understand how to place the beads on multiple different types and textures of hair.

In detail, we go over:

 1. Color on both the natural hair and the extensions and how to create the perfect blend.

2. Sectioning on multiple textures and types of hair

3. Beadwork

4. Stitching

5. Cut

6. Style and photo finish 

The NBR®️ Advanced Online Course comes with a full kit with everything you will need to install NBR®️: 

 2 sets of PLYERS (one for removal and one for installation); Thread; Needles; Beads; NBR Glue™, and the NBR BOX™ to carry all your tools!! And one package of ISLA by Natural Beaded Rows Hand-tied practice hair.

 You will also receive unlimited access to watch the training videos as many times as you need and at your own pace.

  We know that by learning a new system, you’re going to have a ton of questions. So to help you fully internalize what you learn, you’re also going to get two months of customized coaching with both myself and the Lead Trainer of NBR®️, Ani Rivera. 

 What do these customized calls entail?

 Every other week, we will jump on a live webinar and go over problem–solving, frequently asked questions, and live Q&A! We genuinely want to make sure you guys win and succeed with the tool of NBR!!

You will also get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the TOP THREE COLORS of Isla™ Hand-Tied Hair by Natural Beaded Rows®️. 

**Note that access to the full line is only available for those who are inside of our DKW Styling Academy™. The Academy is invitation-only for those that have previously attended a live class**.

 After the two months of customized coaching, you will receive a Certificate for completing the online course. However, this is different than receiving a Certification for attending a live class or being a part of the DKW Styling Academy.™

I can’t stress the ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE of each artist to retain the information.

 I could sell you a demo and pass it off as “Certified by Natural Beaded Rows®️“…

 But it is much, much more than a demo…

 It is a proven method that works.

 But don’t take my word for it…

 Take the word of the THOUSANDS of women, just like you, who are already experiencing incredible results with NBR®️ and haven’t looked back since…


 If you’re ready to take the crucial next step and take your hand-tied hair game to new lengths so you can unlock new skills behind the chair, then I’d invite you to click the link below to begin your journey of investing in your craft, your clients, and yourself TODAY.

Click Here to Learn More about the New NBR®️ Advanced Online Course!!


Danielle K. White
Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extension Method, 
Owner of the DKW Styling Salon.
Founder of Big Money Stylist.

Become a NBR™ Certified Stylist and Learn to MASTER the NBR™ Hair Extensions Method, PLUS How to Ultimately END Burnout Behind the Chair Forever!