The Road to BMSCON5 Episode 4: Boosting Team Morale & Motivation During Uncertain Times

In this Brand New Weekly Hair Education Video Series created exclusively for BMSCON5 Attendees, Danielle and Ani will be taking you on a journey to BMSCON5 (OCT 12-14th, 2020 in Dana Point, CA)!

   With a combined almost 30 years of experience behind the chair, they will be taking you through important principles of hair artistry relevant to being both in front of the chair (aka the Business, Marketing and Sales) and also behind it (aka the magic and the art, evolving your skills & technique, and continually curating a more premium experience for your client from beginning to end).

Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD.
This is the Road to BMSCON5.
Really making the most of your time right now is SO, so crucial.” 
 – Danielle K. White

EPISODE 4: Boosting Team Morale & Motivation During Uncertain Times

Whether you’re a Landlord, Business Owner, Salon Owner, or Team Manager –  finding ways to boost the morale and motivation of your team is incredibly important. And in times of high stress and uncertainty, it becomes crucial. So how do does one continually keep the spirits raised, channels of communication open, and the craving for results not only alive but thriving?

In this new episode of The Road to BMSCON 5, Danielle and Ani offer fresh, unique insight on how to stay focused and fruitful during hard times. Plus, they discuss helpful strategies that can assist any team in remaining healthy, energized, and united so that everyone continues to show up in powerful new ways – not just for others, but also for themselves. 

Point #1: Weekly Check-ins With the Team

  • In such times where entire industries are coming to a halt, the last thing you’d want to do is leave your own staff members and team members hanging to dry. Be the dependable leader others can look to for guidance. There has never been a more critical time to show up for them than at this moment.
  • Ask your team and staff members about how they’re doing. Reaching out shows them that you care. It’s so simple, yet much more effective and needed than you might think.
  • Talk with your team about everyone’s wins for the day, or even have everyone sharing something exciting or funny. Little things like this help foster connection and helps everyone to feel both seen and heard. Again, a simple thing, but sometimes it is the seemingly simple things that can genuinely make the most crucial difference.

Ask Yourself: What is something you can do today to better show up as a leader for your staff members?


  • If you’re a booth renter or commission-based artist, don’t be afraid to communicate with your Landlord, Boss, or Salon Manager about how you’re feeling. 
  • If you’re a Landlord, Salon Owner, or Salon Manager, be willing to take time to talk out in the open and participate in some calm dialogue with your renter or team members. Doing so can help clear the air and make sure everyone is heard, understood, and on the same page.
  • Honing in on the ability to communicate clearly and diplomatically with others is a skill that will only serve you well in the long-term. Be willing to master the craft of communication a little more each day. Practice makes permanent.  

         Ask yourself: What is something you can do today to more effectively communicate your Salon Owner, Salon Manger, Landord, or Staff Members?

 Point #3: Routines & Schedules

  • Find a healthy routine that gives you purpose and keeps you active throughout the day. Don’t let yourself or your staff just sit there idly by and become complacent. Keep your team engaged and connected with one another with exciting or interesting tasks or ideas that unite everyone and keep things moving forward.
  • Use your time wisely. Set up a regular schedule in which you can consistently touch base with your co-workers, family members, and the team about what everyone is up to.  
  • Find activities that both you and the rest of the team can participate in. Something like a Zoom workout, an exciting conversation topic, or an online class. Find something that elevates and engages the collective senses and boosts synergistic health amongst team members and staff members alike. 

Ask Yourself:  What’s one simple thing you can do today to invest in the mental, emotional, physical and educational health and wellbeing of your staff memebers?

  Point #4: Recallibrate & Re-focus

  • If you’re a Salon Owner or Manager, consider what you could do more efficiently both now and in the future to plan for the rapidly changing conditions within your Salon. 
  • If you’re a business owner, consider using this valuable time to evaluate your current business strategies and structures and see if there might be any room for adjustment. 
  • If you’re a booth renter or commission-based artist, use this time wisely to figure out what you need to do so that you come back even stronger.

Answer in your journal: Get together with your Business Partner, Salon Manager, and work on finding a few new productive and engaging ways you can bring the whole staff together.

Quote of the Week:

“If you’re a Salon Owner or Business Owner – please do not sit around and do nothing and ride this out. Have communication with your staff. Because even if you’re in a safe place [with your business], they need to hear from you as a leader. So make sure you reach out to them – and don’t wait. Do it Now. Do it TODAY. And be proactive.”

—Danielle K White


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