Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #120: Taking Back Control Behind the Chair

“You do not have to give an excuse for how you run your business.”
    – Ani Rivera,  Lead Trainer, NBR®️

The Big Money Stylist Podcast 

Episode #120: Taking Back Control Behind the Chair

In this week’s brand new episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast, Danielle and Ani talk about how to successfully approach having up-front conversations with clients and how to create sustainable boundaries as an artist behind the chair.

Listen and learn new ways how you can show up that can help you remain level-headed, help you keep your skillsets healthy, and help you maintain your own integrity both as an artist and a business owner.

Quote of the Week:
“You have to start operating as an artist but also like a business owner when you make decisions because [at the end of the day] you are in the business of making money.”
—Danielle K White

Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD.

This is The Big Money Stylist Podcast.


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