Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #119: Weaknesses: Delegate or Improve?

“If they don’t share your same passion and same vision, then it’s NEVER going to work… “
    – Ani Rivera,  Lead Trainer, NBR®️

The Big Money Stylist Podcast 

Episode #119: Weaknesses: Delegate or Improve?

What is something you’re GREAT at? And, what is something that you absolutely suck at…? It’s incredibly easy to talk about your STRENGTHS…right? So why is it so hard to own up to the weaknesses of both your own inner and outer world?

In this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast, Danielle and Ani unravel the vulnerable power of noticing your own weaknesses and discuss ways on how you can allow yourself the liberating choice to either delegate or improve your own expertise with grace, competence, and determination.


Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD.

This is The Big Money Stylist Podcast.


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