The Road to BMSCON5 | Mini-Masterclass Video Series

In this Brand NEW Weekly Educational Video Series created exclusively for BMSCON5 Attendees, Danielle and Ani will be taking you on a journey to BMSCON5 (OCT 12-14th, 2020 in Dana Point, CA)!

   With a combined almost 30 years of experience behind the chair, they will be taking you through important principles of hair artistry relevant to being both in front of the chair (aka the Business, Marketing and Sales) and also behind it (aka the magic and the art, evolving your skills technique, and continually curating a more premium experience for your client from beginning to end).

EPISODE 1: Accountability Behind the Chair

Point #1: Knowing Your Craft

  • Being “good at hair” will only get you so far. If you want to be great, you must be willing to take accountability for your weaknesses behind the chair, and continually allow room for growth by being open to receiving and implementing qualified feedback from both client and colleague.

Ask Yourself: What are you doing today to receive and implement feedback in the most productive way possible?

Point #2: The Client Experience

  • Part of creating a good client experience comes down to owning and honing your skillset behind the chair each and every day. Whether it means taking 15 minutes to look through your color manuals, study color, test new formulas, practice your beading and extension techniques, always make sure you’re staying on the leading edge of your own improvement. Your clientele will take notice and will thank you for it.

Ask Yourself: What are you doing today to make sure you’re always staying on-point for yourself and your clientele?

 Point #3: Knowing and Owning Your Numbers

  • If you don’t balance your business, your passion for your craft will fly right out the window.
  • No matter how much or how little you’re making right now, you must get clear with your numbers if you want to get better at your craft and run a tight ship that not only stays afloat, but is also charting towards greater success and better results on a continual and productive basis.

Ask Yourself: 1. Do you know how much money you’re actually making?

2. How many clients did you do this week?

3. How much did you charge them?

4. How much did they tip you?

5. How many hours did you work?

6. How many days did you work?

Quote of the Week:

“You must master your business skills in front of the chair if you want to be able to create magic as an artist behind it.”

—Danielle K White

“You have to be good both behind and in front of the chair if you really want to create a successful business for yourself.” 

—Anianne Rivera

On Teamwork: “Your success is their success. You getting clients doesn’t mean they have less; it’s everybody supporting everybody.”

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