NBR Certified? ❤️

“Growth is necessary to continue to perfect systems.”

Hey, everyone!

On this specific blog post, I just wanted to go ahead and talk a little bit more about what we’re up to in 2020! This post is more specifically tailored for students both past and present, but even if you’re new here and would love to know more about the brand and methods of BMS, NBR and DKW Styling, read on!!

The brand of NBR®️ was launched almost 10 years ago, and, as you can imagine, if you see where we are now with the sheer amount of growth that has taken place, even in the last five years – it has just been absolutely surreal. What started as just a one-on-one shadowing program has now evolved into monthly, Nation-Wide Classes with multiple trainers and 2 large Conventions every year!!

And what an amazing journey it has truly been…

Upon attending one of the two-day NBR®️ classes, each artist is invited to join the DKW Styling Academy. The DKW Styling Academy is limited to 350 artists per year, and as of today it currently holds 300 students.

Save You might be asking yourself, “What in the heck even IS DKW Styling Academy??”

So, if this is you, then let me tell you a little more of my story.

When I first started educating, to be completely honest with you, I wasn’t nearly as good of an instructor or educator as I am today. Just like anything else, it takes reps to build strength and to simply become better. . Sure, I had an Extension System that was pretty solid, but it’s one thing to do good hair and another thing to be good at educating and teaching. And, truly, I’ve become a much better artist through teaching. Even to this day, I’ve looked back at some of my original work that I was posting back in the day, and it is a humble reminder of the simple truth that we all get to start somewhere.

Classes started with one-on-one shadowing, and as my brand began to pick up, I started holding small classes to be able to fit more students who wanted to learn more about my specialized methods and techniques. At one point, I actually had an online training course that I would require each student to watch before coming to the class, but you would be surprised how most of them didn’t actually do the pre-training at all, simply due to the fact of how busy they already were behind the chair. I think in our industry, or really any industry, that the following principle is true across the board, and it’s this: “Just because you pay for the tool, doesn’t you suddenly know how to use it…”

Buying the tool?


But learning how to use it, and use it effectively?

Now that’s the where the work truly begins….

Can you imagine if all you had to do was buy a paintbrush and a few color bowls and just take a one day course? Imagine if that’s all it took to become the next Picasso or Frida Kahlo…then we would all be world famous artists alike. 😉

Obviously you know where I’m going with the story. A one-day certification class is not effective. It’s simply the door that opens up more opportunity…

I knew this tool of NBR®️ truly worked because I built a book of business that was making 20 K a month consistently, working three days a week. But this was definitely not something that was done overnight. You can only imagine the emails and Direct messages from artists that had SO many questions… And to be honest, I just couldn’t keep up as simply one person managing it all, but yet at the same time I wanted SO much for each artist to succeed.

So, I had to ask myself, “Well how could we give them even MORE education and set an even HIGHER standard for myself and for my industry?”

This is when I went from doing a one-day class to a two-day class – and yes, we still had the pre-training, but there were requirements that each student had to hit so we KNEW they actually watched the training. This made our class time when we were all together 10x more effective. We did this for a couple years, and to tell you the truth it was working better!! But even with how awesome everything was truly going –  I could tell that the students, even then, were just missing something…

This was when my Mastermind was born.

Having this Mastermind was a useful way to not feel guilty for not having the time to answer every. single. email. and question that came my way, and it was also a way to begin to charge for my time. The purpose of this Mastermind was to serve those who truly wanted to learn and invest more in themselves.

It was amazing to watch the results that were unfolding before me and also the students who were fully engaging with the process. It was during this time where an amazing moment took place, where I finally saw the vision I always wanted, which was that the artists who were mentoring under me were actually having success!! The community of artists involved was simply amazing. Their lives were being completely transformed – and as an educator, this is WAY more rewarding than just handing them a piece of paper that said ” hey you, you’re certified”.  Seeing the students experience success gave me purpose, and to this day, it continues to drive me to do more and to simply be more, every single day.

I realized, in my industry, if you can give students results, then the brand would continue to expand and grow.

Artists started talking…

I’m not trying to have an ego here, but the truth is, I am the OG of both Hand Tied Hair Extensions and also of the specific kind of Beaded Row technique that has truly taken my industry by storm.

When I started my brand, almost everyone was doing Tape-ins and Rows, and Hand-Tied Hair was looked at as “cheap” and just not “cool”.


There are about 25 different seamless, hidden, luxurious, beaded, hand-tied Methods you can learn within the industry.

Coincidence? 😉

And sure, there might even be some pretty good systems out there. But I know the results my students are having based on the education that we deliver within DKW Styling Academy are like nothing else that’s available anywhere in the industry today.

This brings me to 2020.

The Mastermind was working, but the question begged, even still:

“Could we get even better results…?

I had to start thinking back to the roots of how different schools were created.

For instance – how did the curriculum at Paul Mitchell begin? How did Tony and Guy decide on having two separate schools of training, both in color techniques and in cutting technique?

How did the Vidal Sassoon transform our industry with their own cutting techniques?

I knew right then and there – Extensions simply had to be more.

I knew the current system we had going was way too technical and artistic, and needed the proper training included as well.In the past, my Mastermind was kind of like a bucket of content – there was a TON of information, but if you weren’t able to consume the weekly content and then you got behind it – it could be overwhelming. Students were constantly asking questions about trainings that we already given to them that they had no time to watch or consume. Sure, it was really good content (!!!) but not very well organized. At all…

We knew we needed more structure, and we also knew we simply needed more concrete requirements for certification going forward if we were simply going to make this thing sustainable.

During the latter half of 2019, when I was pregnant, I naturally spent less time behind the chair. And so, with the extra space away from the Salon, this actually allowed me to really see all the problems that the students were facing. It was actually a blessing in disguise, because now I was finally able to plan out the ENTIRE 2020 Academy.

The Academy IS a year and a half program with three separate phases. Each phrase teaches The technique of NBR®️ as well as hair color and business training. There is a period of testing and requirements as well as specific work each student must submit. And yes – there is a pass and fail.

I want my students to learn, not just “check things off the list”…

At the end of graduating from the Academy, their name will be placed on what is called “The NBR Preferred-Artist List. YES – there is finally a list of artists across the globe offering Natural Beaded Rows™!!

This is massively different from simply “getting your certification”.

(Yes, you still hold your certification from the past if you were a previous student. 😊)

The Preferred Artist List is for those that went through additional training and requirements where both myself and my other educators have seen and approved their work. I cannot simply certify somebody once and then go on to recommend them for life. THIS being said, if you DID take an NBR class in the past ( and you didn’t modify the system in any way), then you are more than welcome to hashtag and promote the NBR Method as a service to your clients if you feel it helps your business. And just know this:

The invitation is always there for you if you want to re-join my education program at any time. Please understand that I just simply cannot certify you for life nor promote you on a list without certain requirements.

Long story short, if you took a class with me five years ago -it is simply in no way comparative or relevant to the current standard of how we teach today.

I always invite past students that reach out to me to come back and take a class. We always continue our education with hair color and cutting, so we thought, why shouldn’t hair extensions be the same?

After graduating from the DKW Styling Academy, each artist is given the opportunity to join my Subscription where they are able to keep up their license and stay on my Preferred Artist list.

The NBR®️ Subscription was specifically developed to support artists.

One of the problems we faced in the past with Mastermind, was that students often wondered if there was an end?

“Do I stay in Mastermind forever?”

“What happens next?”

With the NBR®️ Subscription level, we want to be able to continue to support an Artist with fully inclusive Customer Support, On-Demand Access to training videos, as well as Exclusive access to my ISLA™ Hand Tied Hair Line.

Basically, the NBR®️ Subscription is a way to stay in the family for as long as you want so that way you can continually be surrounded and supported by a community of artists just like you who likewise went through or are currently going through the same process together. And if you want to stay on the Preferred Artist list, then, as an artist, you will simply be required to attend continuing education courses specific to those individuals who have already graduated from the Academy.

It’s important that we separate classes that are for brand new students as well as for those that have additionally already gone through the Academy, so that everyone is continually learning, growing and evolving their hand-tied hair game at the same pace for their own unique skill sets. Can you imagine learning a brand new color technique alongside another artist who’s already been doing the SAME color technique for 5 years and counting!??

Yeah…no. 😅

Don’t worry, we will make sure you get into a specifically tailored course that is just right for you. 🙂

The photos you see in this post are from some of my recent work at my Salon – DKW Styling Salon – located in Laguna Beach, California. As an Educator in the world of Hair, it is crucially important that I continue to do work behind the chair, however I am currently not taking on any more clients at this time.

I want to finish this post by extending an invitation to all future and past students to re-join the DKW Styling Academy.

Your invitation will be through one of my two-day intensives, OR BMSCON5, which btw is actually limited to just 350 artists!!(and last year sold out in less than three weeks!!)

You know what to do… 😉


Danielle K. White

Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extension Method, 
Owner of the DKW Styling Salon.
Founder of Big Money Stylist.