The Road to BMSCON5 Episode 2: Mastering Your ‘Daily 4’

In this Brand New Weekly Hair Education Video Series created exclusively for BMSCON5 Attendees, Danielle and Ani will be taking you on a journey to BMSCON5 (OCT 12-14th, 2020 in Dana Point, CA)!

   With a combined almost 30 years of experience behind the chair, they will be taking you through important principles of hair artistry relevant to being both in front of the chair (aka the Business, Marketing and Sales) and also behind it (aka the magic and the art, evolving your skills & technique, and continually curating a more premium experience for your client from beginning to end).

Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD.
This is the Road to BMSCON5.

EPISODE 2: Mastering Your ‘Daily 4’

Point #1: Audio

  • In the world of DM’s, emails and text messages, sending an audio (or voice) message to someone (such as a client or staff member) immediately helps you stand out to create a lasting impression.
  •  Audio messages are more personal, and they can help communicate an extra layer of authenticity that helps the intended recipient feel seen, heard and valued in a whole new way.
  • Whether it comes to re-scheduling an appointment, following up with a staff member, or setting up that initial consultation with a client, audio messages have the unique advantage of being both highly personable and extremely efficient.

Ask Yourself: What are you doing today to better personalize the messages you send to your clients and staff members?

Point #2: Video

  • Do a live video, make a tutorial, or create a fun IG or FB story.
  • Put yourself out there with genuine passion and enthusiasm. Doing this helps build trust amongst your followers and clients because they’re getting a chance to know you as a human being.
  • Start with consistency and then offer yourself some gentle feedback as you go. This dynamic combo  will naturally help you improve your social media presence over time.

Ask Yourself: What are you doing today to put yourself out there and engage with your audience in a fun, genuine, meaningful way?

 Point #3: Pictures

  • Pictures are arguably the most important aspect of your brand because they showcase what you can do.
  • Having a cohesive feed matters. Period. This dispels all confusion as to what you and your brand are all about.
  • Posting consistently shows visual evidence of your brand’s presence, shows competence in your work, and builds trust in your craft. Consistency + Competence = Trust. And once you have a client’s trust, you will have their business to go along with it.

Ask Yourself: What are you doing today to help create better cohesiveness, consistency and competence within your brand or business?

  Point #4: Text

  • It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or super curated. Even a little text underneath a photo on Instagram of Facebook can go a long way in building positive rapport.
  • Just as easily as you can tell a story to your friend, you can just as easily share a story with on social media to create simple, natural engagement.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. Remember, it’s about remaining consistent.

           Ask Yourself:  What are you doing today create and increase dialogue and engagement around your brand or business?

Quote of the Week:

“Go in with the intent of giving yourself feedback and improving yourself as an artist.”

—Danielle K White


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