Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #116: Start Where You Are

“If there’s ever a time for me to step up as a leader, it’s NOW.”

  – Danielle K. White

In the latest episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast, Danielle and Ani reveal specific strategies about how to overpower the overwhelm and steer clear of the fear so that you can step up as the sound economic leader you know you were BORN to become.

 Plus, they discuss tips on how to remain calm, vigilant, engaged, and hopeful in a time where you may have every right not to be.


Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD.

This is The Big Money Stylist Podcast.




Guess what you guys?! 

 For the first time in six YEARS…  

I’ll be launching an Online Course this week!!

The online course is a step-by-step, detailed instruction guide on how to achieve the IDENTICAL results that many of my artists now produce regularly. I currently have TEN educators across the country who teach the businessmarketing, and sales as well as the techniques behind the proven method of Natural Beaded Rows ®️. 

 I have been educating for almost a decade. My online course is not just another “demo” (a demo does not truly teach and solidify; a demo merely shows somebody how to do something). You have to understand WHY you’re good at your niche in-order to teach it correctly).   

All ten of our educators teach it the same way because of how well it’s structured and broken down into comprehensive learning. The last thing I would want for you is to merely “watch a demo” and then inevitably feel totally hopelessly lost as you desperately try and figure out how to do it all on your own… Doing this doesn’t reflect well on my brand or help you at ALL in the long term.

 We’ve expertly designed this online course to be full of detailed instructions so that you retain the information you receive.


In the first section of the course, we start by diving deep into COLOR.

Let’s face it: regardless of the installation process – if the color doesn’t blend, then it’s an obvious and embarrassing giveaway that it’s hair extensions. In this section, we go over understanding multiple tones in the hair and how to match it correctly. You’ll also see me do a FULL HAIR TRANSFORMATION on the natural hair and how I think through color.

Next, we go in-depth with SECTIONING.

Sectioning is the foundation for NBR®️ and helps to position the extensions to where they hide the hairline as well as create little to no damage in the natural hair. We go over how to place extensions on multiple hair textures.

Then we go over the full installation process of NBR®️.

Step-by-step, everything is broken down, so that you clearly understand how to place the beads on multiple different types and textures of hair.

In detail, we go over:

1. Color on both the natural hair and the extensions and how to create the perfect blend.

2. Sectioning on multiple textures and types of hair.

3. Beadwork

4. Stitching

5. Cut

6. Style and photo finish

The Online course comes with a FULL KIT with everything you will need to install NBR®️:

Two sets of PLYERS (one for removal and one for installation); Thread; Needles; Beads; NBR Glue™, and the NBR BOX™ to carry all your tools!! And one package of ISLA™ by Natural Beaded Rows Hand-tied practice hair.

You will also receive unlimited access to watch the training videos as many times as you need and at your own pace.

We know that by learning a new system, you’re going to have a TON of questions. So to help you fully internalize what you learn, you’re also going to get TWO MONTHS of customized coaching with both myself and the Lead Trainer of NBR®️Ani Rivera. 

What do these customized calls entail? 

Every other week, we will jump on a live webinar and go over problem-solving, frequently asked questions, and live Q&A! We genuinely want to make sure you guys win and succeed with the tool of NBR®️!!

You will also get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the top THREE COLORS of Isla™ Hand-Tied Hair by Natural Beaded Rows®️. 

I’m only selling 150 units for the month of April, and then it will go in the vault until NOVEMBER of this year!!

If you’ve been on the fence and wanted to learn NBR®️, then now is a PERFECT time and opportunity to do so.

To make sure you’re on the current education waitlist so that you can receive exclusive updates and offers before the public, visit:

Become a NBR™ Certified Stylist and Learn to MASTER the NBR™ Hair Extensions Method, PLUS How to Ultimately END Burnout Behind the Chair Forever!