The Real Reason Why Hair Extensions Are So Personal For Me

18 years ago was the first time I had seen Hand Tied hair.

Wow time flies!! have I really been doing hair THAT long???

Well, yes and no…

Growing up, I always had a short haircut. I think the longest my hair ever got was to my collarbone. I was told I couldn’t have long hair. And truth be told -when I did try to get it to grow past my collarbone, well…let’s just say I definitely looked like I hadn’t even grown out of my toddler hair yet…

I remember when people would even ask me if I’ve ever had long hair! I obviously said no. Eventually, it got to a point where my hair had stopped growing to a certain length. But it’s not that it “stopped” growing, per se… but the hair was so fine that it would simply break off. My hair was a delicate creature.

I always had hair growing up.

In college, I decided to try my very first set of extensions. I was told that synthetic hair would look “amazing!” in my 4-inch strands of hair. So, I had individual synthetic noodles glued ALL OVER my head (not a good idea). My friend at the time actually had the same extensions, only her natural hair was about a foot longer than mine. And combined with her amazing natural hair color, the synthetic hair looked as natural as you would want them to look.However, with my hair, this was simply not the case. Long story short: I paid over $1200 for the scariest synthetic mullet you’ve ever seen. 😆

This was my first hair extension experience ever.

Talk about a complete disaster, right?

Soon after this horrendous first experience, I decided, yet again, to try something new.

I still had hair envy at this point, and immediately began to research what might be a better option for my hair. This is when I was officially introduced to the world of Hand-Tied hair.

(Before I continue, one thing that is important for you to understand, is that Hand Tied hair is the type of weft and how it is sewn together. There are many different brands of Hand Tied hair from all different ranges that differ in their quality and texture. Also, the term “Hand Tied extensions” is merely used when referencing various different types of beaded-row extensions. Honestly, there are so many different ways in which the technique is uniquely applied that there really is no “one size fits all” approach anywhere you go in the industry.)

OK, let’s keep going.

So, I finally discovered Hand Tied hair, and it was braided into a track onto my hair. Immediately I had a much better experience, because I had to go so much thinner than a machine-tied technique where you can stack multiple pieces of hair together. This meant I could have more hair attached to each row which already felt better on my hair than 1 million single glue-in pieces.

It’s interesting to me when people think that rows are heavy.

In my experience, they feel much less comfortable and light-weight because they are attached to rest areas of the head versus a single bond or tape-in.

As I continued down my hair extension journey, and throughout my career, I tried ANY and EVERY technique that was hot in the market –  including several different individual bond brands and tape-in brands. At the time when I started my brand, nobody was applying hand tied hair onto a beaded track.


Hand-Tied is the single hottest product in the market.


You tell me. 😉🤷‍♀️

Over three years ago, I started researching how to create my own Hand Tied hair line.

one of the reasons being that there was simply such a hard time in getting the colors to blend correctly.

And let’s face it, if the color doesn’t blend, then no matter WHAT the brand application is -the extensions will look fake!!

Another problem I was having, was when I first put the extensions in, they looked…well… a little “Barbie doll-ish”…

This is because most hair actually has a silicone on it, and after about four washes the silicone would wear off, causing the extensions to expand and look more natural as a result. However, as the silicone eventually did ware off,I noticed that the hair would start to become more dry, and even tangly, and eventually shed. This also goes for the color, as it would start to fade out tremendously (especially with the color Blonde!!). It was so hard to keep the blend consistent simply because of how the natural hair and the extensions simultaneously faded out.

I got incredibly frustrated, to say the least.

I took a running list of everything I thought that could be improved with Hand Tied hair.

At this point I had tried multiple different Hand Tied Hair Lines. One of those Hair Lines I tried was a Russian Anti-Line. I loved how fluffy the hair was, and it had more grams per weft to it, too. But the blondes without fail, always had a hard time maintaining their quality.

What I truly wanted of Hand Tied hair was softer blends, fluffier hair, longer lasting colors, and overall better quality throughout.

Could this be created??

It took me a YEAR of going back-and-forth with the factory to create what I felt was an amazing product that met all of these problems that I was facing. And today – with all things tried, tested and true – I stand proud of the ISLA™ brand we created, not to mention NBR™, DKW Styling®, and, of course, BMS®.

Our mission from day one has always been making sure – that no matter what kind of hair you have – your hair looks and feels its best at all times. Period.

And honestly, when comes down it  – we just really love hair.

And that much will never, ever change… 😘

On that note, thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of this Hand Tied hair journey of ours.

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Below you will see the four exclusive 18″ weft colors developed by yours truly.

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Hope you enjoy.