ORIBE Giveaway!!

Today on the blog, I wanted to get back to all of my followers and subscribers and share one of my favorite hair product lines called Oribe. This is the ONLY line we carry at DKW Styling Salon. Everyone always asks me what my favorite products are, so I decided to put together a goodie bag of all of my favorite things and give them away to one lucky winner. ✨

I’ll list them off one by one to give you a summary of each so you know just how good these products really are:

1. First things first: the Run-Through Spray:

This is a prep spray, which means you use it on wet hair after the shower. Perfect for detailing and extensions.

2. Next is one of my favorite shampoos called Beautiful Color. It’s probably my most recommended shampoo and conditioner and we are giving away the 1-Liter size! (Which they really don’t sell anywhere, so this is a rare treat for you guys!!)

3. The Screen Scalp is an amazing product. With myself having recently experienced quite a bit of postpartum hair loss due to my last pregnancy with baby Isla, this has been one of my go-to products. It helps my hair feel fuller without being too heavy. I recommend you use this after the Run-Through Spray on damp hair.

4. The Dry Texture Spray from Oribe is without a doubt one of my favorite styling products on the market! My hair is naturally very soft and doesn’t hold a curl very well, and I love adding little texture without having to use a TON of hairspray. I recommend that you spray this in for a little bit a hold without your hair feeling too sticky (something you otherwise might experience with a generic brand), plus it also gives you those amazing beach-tasseled curls for that “beach chic” look. You seriously might just swoon over yourself as you walk past your mirror on your way out the door 💅🤷‍♀️✨

5. Cote d Azur Hair Refresher:

This mist of signature fragrance refreshes hair, neutralizes odor and cuts static! OK, this is highly-underrated product is actually one of my all-time favorites. I feel like most girls go for the dry shampoo far too often, which can actually add quite a bit of build-up in your hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good dry shampoo – but switch it up for this product and I promise you won’t be disappointed. It leaves your hair feeling both super soft and simultaneously smelling like literal flowers 🌺

6. The Superfine Hairspray is a popular must-have. it’s lightweight and movable but it also gives you just the right amount of hold. Again I’m not a big hairspray fan, but if I’m going to use a lightweight hairspray then I personally like a little hold.

7. Lastly, but not least, we have our Beautiful Color Mask. The mask should only be used once a month. It will prolong the longevity of your hair extension hair and make it feel super soft!!

You know, it’s funny, when I am describing products to my clients, I’m not one who’s good at getting too scientific about all the ingredients, so in this post I just wanted to tell you why I just love these products so much.

This exclusive purse of professional hair care products has a $600 retail value and we are giving it all away today on the NBR IG page!!

To enter to win this amazing collection of Salon-quality hair products, click here!

I promise you your luscious locks will love you for it 😘