My Story of How BMS Was Born + Speaking at Funnel Hacking Live 2020!!

This past weekend, my husband and I had the opportunity to be speakers at FunnelHackingLive 2020!! We were set to speak the same day as Tony Robbins.🙌🏻🙌🏻

Unfortunately, my flight was turned around last-minute and I was not able to get out there in time to speak (my husband was flying in separately from a different event).

I want to share these two introduction videos on today’s blog post.

They were played at this year’s Click Funnels event that was just held this last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee:

Danielle K. White FunnelHackingLive 2020 Speech Intro:

Garrett J. White FunnelHackingLive 2020 Speech Intro:

My husband and I each have separate businesses. However, Garrett has been a huge part of my business, as I have been a huge part of the message in his business.

My husband has always been a huge mentor to me.

But many of you may not know my backstory:

Our relationship was not at all the amazing partnership you see today.

You see, after my second child, I was kind of at the point with my marriage where I was going to give it one more year to see if we could turn things around.

Both Garrett and myself could tell that we were slowly but surely becoming more emotionally disconnected from one another and at the same time we were also quickly headed in our own separate directions.

And so this truly was our “make it or break it” year.

We both were aware of the reality that was taking place.

We both knew we needed to do either one of two things:

1. Press the RESET button so we could really take our time to slow down and repair our broken and dysfunctional partnership,


2. Call it quits.

It really was a “rise or die” kind of situation – and the clock was ticking for both of us to come to a clear decision once and for all…

Up until that point, I had always looked at doing hair as a hobby. I followed the stigma of “hairdressers can’t really make that much money”, and I truly believed it at the time…

I considered it a back-up for whenever I might find myself in a situation where I needed to find a way to provide for myself and my family.

But the thing is, I didn’t just want to “provide”…

I wanted to prosper.

I wanted to live a fulfilling life of abundance and purpose.

And so, from out of the blue, and with everything else that was going on at the time, a single question came into my mind:

“Where can I make the most money behind the chair?”

The answer?

It was Hair Extensions.

It was in this moment that I suddenly began to look at hair in a whole new light.

From here, I literally decided to just go.

I had no IDEA where things would go, but I had a vision, and I had the certainty to go along with it.

I was all in.

I remember one particular night, coming home, feeling super exhausted from teaching a class. But what was interesting this time around, was that I was also on a weirdly cool “high” because I had created a new tool, and honestly it felt like I was selling an ATM.

It was something I just knew would create abundance for others inside of their own hairstyling careers.

But I knew it had to be about more than just hair extensions alone.

If I truly wanted to stand out, then the focus had to be more about helping other hairstylists understand and learn the exclusive methods and training behind the hair extensions themselves.

At the same I was developing these methods and trainings, I was simultaneously at an imbalance of working a TON and then not being able to spend as much time as I wanted with my children and family.

How could I help others create abundance if I couldn’t first help myself to the same?

Truly, with this new problem in front of me, I was in what I call “burn-out” phase.

Or, in other words –  I wanted to burn it all to the ground.

But why would I go to such great lengths to build something so great, only to give up and burn it all to a crisp in a single moment?

Deep down I still knew what this newly-acqcuired vision of mine could become, I just didn’t know how to get there. And I also knew I couldn’t continue to operate at this level of stress and incredible lack of balance and get away with it.

I realize in my industry it’s not totally uncommon to work six days a week with 10-hour days thrown in the mix.

And those hours alone are just BEHIND the chair on your feet all day.

I was at a crossroads…

So, one day, I said to myself, “Okay, enough is enough.”

I knew I needed to create more space for myself so that I could see things more clearly.

So, what did I do?

I did exactly what I knew I should do all along.

I cut five days of work into three.

I doubled my prices overnight.

I stopped working Saturdays and evenings.

And I re-created my conditions – except this time with my own well-being in mind.

And you know what?

The people in my industry were starting to notice.

I was making 3x as much money in half the amount of time.

The results I was getting were un-ignorable.

My business had much surpassed being “just a hobby”.

It had transformed into a calling.

Here I was – finally starting to live the abundant and purposeful life of my dreams!

But I knew, even then, that my students still needed more…

This is when, in 2017, my husband Garrett and I, together, launched a program called BIG MONEY STYLIST.

The name was initially Garrett’s idea. I thought it was kinda cheesy at first, but I eventually warmed up to the name and we kept it.

Fast forward to last year, I could see the stress levels increasing in Garrett. I knew he could no longer give the time and attention needed to take over this role inside of my education.

I had a story that “I was the artist and he was the businessman”.

Except it was my vision and it had always been my vision.

This last year I got more clear than ever before.

And with this new clarity came the realization that I needed to step up my business game. And step up BIG TIME.

And, so, I did.

In 2019, going into 2020, we transformed my Mastermind into DKW Styling Academy.

Just this year, students are ALREADY having better and faster results!!

I am so proud of each one of them.

One of my goals inside of my business has always been making sure that my students are continually making progress and achieving better results in their own work.

A one-time-demo Hair Extension class just doesn’t cut it.

I know because I used to teach that way.

But now?

I expect even more out of myself, and I expect even more out of my students. And the amazing results we all experience today are because of a willingness from each of us to challenge each other to continually rise to higher and higher standards of quality in our work.

Each of us are simply willing to let go of who we were yesterday so that we can make room for the person we were destined to be today.

In honor of my husband Garrett and his impact he made on my industry in the three years he was involved, we kept the name Big Money Stylist, but now it’s only for one exclusive convention we hold every year for our new students…

BMS CON 5!!!

We will be releasing tickets for this in the next couple months! So if something about this post calls to you and you want more out of education, then click here to join the waitlist.

Long Story Short: There’s no quick fix to creating the path to the abundance and purpose you desire.

You have to be willing to immerse yourself in the process of becoming the expert, and you have to be willing to grow along the way.

I am humbled to be considered a Mentor by many Artists in my industry.

And I will forever reject the stigma of “I’m just a Hairstylist”.

Because you know what?

That old story? It just isn’t true.

But you know what story will always be true?

It’s this:

I’m a businesswoman who happens to be really fucking good at hair.

The End.