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I’ve made some key changes to the blog this year, with the new sole focus for 2020 shifting to all things HAIR!! You guys know I love fashion, and you can still shop all my looks from my Instagram page with @liketoknowit (if you don’t know what this service is then I would highly recommend signing up! You can get direct links to all the cute outfits and products I’m always sharing with you guys!l) Seriously it is the most amazing thing. And if you want you can even click here to follow me as well. 😘

So! First things first. Here’s what to expect each week on the blog moving forward:

Every Tuesday: 

I’m still doing my #1 Podcast called BIG MONEY STYLIST! This podcast has (and will continue to have) a different focus every week with both myself as well as my Lead Education Director, Ani Rivera. Although, within this Podcast, we speak directly and primarily to hairstylists, I’ve actually had many business owners and women alike, tell me all the time just how much value they’re receiving from the podcast each week. This feedback really means the world to both Ani and I, and it really does give us so much energy to keep going and to keep showing up for you guys. Honestly, when it comes down to it, we’re really all in this thing together anyway. So to all those who continue to make time to listen each week, and of course to all of our current students and amazing clientele, for helping to make all of this not only possible, but also for helping to make it incredibly worthwhile, day-in, and day-out – Ani and I just want to say thank you!! We’re definitely feeling the love. 🥰

 In case you’re not familiar with the typical structure of our show, some of our topics have included things like learning how to create balance in your life, overcoming obstacles at every level, and, most of all – finding what helps ignite true passion and purpose in what you do each day! 

Ani and I realize that all of these different areas of life work synergistically in influencing how well we show up as a hairstylist, and – more importantly – how well we show up as a woman. Even if you don’t currently own or operate a business – learning how to better show up as a human in whatever world you currently operate in, matters. And it helps you stay fresh, focused, and on-point. Plus if you’re doing this on a consistent basis you will literally start showing up better for your own students and clientele.

So, if you missed this week’s Podcast episode, then I definitely recommend going back and watching or listening to it so that you can stay fresh, focused and on-point with all of us here at Big Money Stylist, DKW Styling, and of course everyone in our #NBRtribe. Also, I’ll be sharing more of my own story exclusively on the show, and I will be talking about new ways that have helped me create more time in the areas of my life and business where it has had (and continues to have) the most value. You won’t want to miss it. 

Planning ahead is crucial in order to visualize the direction of your company – and so, as of this new year and new decade, I am proudly announcing that I am putting my “CEO pants” back on!! And honestly guys I couldn’t be more thrilled about the new direction of my business! Seriously, there are so many good things coming up on the horizon, and I simply can’t wait to share them all with you as the year progresses. 

So, continuing on! Thursday’s post will be one-of-two things:

 1) Education for the Hairstylist,   

2) Upcoming Events/Education for the Client!

This will include tons product knowledge and hair tips!

And for those of you who follow me on IG as well as right here on the blog, you’ll know that I had a baby girl over the summer! She is ALREADY six months old and she is cutest thing you’ve ever seen!! 

Previous to having her, I was working behind the chair two days a week, and then on top of that I was educating on all the other days in-between.  As of this new year, I am also excited to announce that I am now currently back at the Salon!!! However, I’m not currently taking on any new clients, and will be working exclusively on new videos for my Online Academy that we launched earlier this year.

Last year, I had a large Mastermind of around 100 students that we converted into the Academy. You guys, i just want you to know that I am seriously SO PROUD of DKW Styling Academy! The students are already getting amazing results and it’s so so amazing to watch. My teams and I had been planning this out for the last year, and so it’s safe to say that it is nothing less than inspiring to see everything FINALLY coming together!!

In case you were wondering, to join the Academy, you must receive an invitation through one of my nationwide NBR classes (which are already almost sold out for the year!!) or simply through the next BMS Convention. (Tickets for the next BMS Convention will be going on sale for the waiting list in the next couple of months).

Also, last year, in-addition to the launching of the new DKW Styling Academy, I launched my exclusive Hand-Tied Hair Line and I could  honestly not be more excited!!!

As you well know, quality and longevity in hand-tied hair are extremely important to me, and the feedback and testimonials from both clients and students have been both amazing and reassuring that what we are doing just works. Plain and simple. I faithfully wear my own product in my own hair, and I believe that this is one of the single biggest reasons I’m so passionate about providing the right educational experience for both the Client as well as the Artist behind the chair. 

Anyways, you guys know that Ani and I love you! Sorry if this feels like a super boring post, but I haven’t actually written a post since before I had my baby (wow time seriously flies!!) So this whole blog post has kind of just been my way of catching you up to speed on things, so thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read it!! It seriously means so much. 

I PROMISE that next week I’ll be teaching something fun on one of my new videos! 

On that note, don’t forget to stay tuned every Tuesday and Thursday for brand new content right here on the Blog! 

By the way, here are a few photos of some of my recent work, and you can totally tell that of course I just HAD to throw in a couple of pictures of baby ISLA (I’m a mom so what ☺️).

YES, I know my Hand-Tied Hair Line  and my baby have the same name (lol)!  And yes, I know she came out with the most amazing head of blonde hair!! I actually think that she thought it might’ve been fun to just take all of my own hair and keep it all to herself. She’s so cute. 

Truth be told, I actually experienced the worst postpartum hair loss with this baby. But you know what – it was 100% worth it. And it’s okay because it’s already growing back in! Yay!

For all education details click here.

If you are a girl who is just a big fan of amazing hair and you want to experience all the exciting details that go on behind the scenes at NBR, then click here to apply at DKW Styling Salon, located in Laguna Beach, California!

Who knows, it might just make the perfect Spring beach vacation!!


Danielle K. White