How is Natural Beaded Rows Done??

NBR is known for its amazing Before and Afters. But what’s more important is how good does it look under that top layer of hair? Color blending, placement and how the extensions are cut play a crucial role in the overall finish, grow out, and the integrity of the natural hair.

With before and after’s all over social media it’s hard to determine what’s smoke and mirrors and what’s the real deal.

I have personally been wearing hair extensions for over 17 years. Not only do I want my hair to look good in the before and after but I want to be able to pull my hair up without it showing or lift the top layers of my hair and barely notice where the hand tied track sits. I personally have fine hair. With less hair to cover details matter.

If your foundation is not placed correctly this can cause the extensions to slip out or possibly break the natural hair. It’s also extremely important to educate client on how to care for their hair extensions and what the maintenance is required to also protect the integrity of the natural hair.

Clean beadwork. Clean sections. And tone on tone color. Meaning the natural root should match the color of the extensions. If there is a low light throughout the natural hair there should be depth and dimension throughout the extension hair.

Another extremely important factor for me is how comfortable are they on your head? No bulky rows or tracks! or beads should not be so tight that you feel like you got a mini facelift. Too heavy of tracks or too tight will cause damage.

Again I can’t stress enough the importance of educating your client on what their hair can handle. There’s what the client wants but more importantly as an artist and an educator if you compromise the hair too much there’s no hair to attach extensions to.

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Danielle k white

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