Hand Tied Extensions? 

Whether you like just one row to fill things in or that 22 inch mermaid hair, NBR works on multiple hair textures and length.

The only person who would not be a good candidate is if you are hair is way too short or has density loss or damage.

Long hair is classic and never goes out of style.

For myself even if I could grow it out there’s just not a lot to it. I love the fullness and every day ease that hair extensions gives me.

Let’s say one day you find yourself on Google down the rabbit hole trying to figure out what’s going to be the best solution for your toddler like strands.

Trust me I get it my hair literally does not grow on the sides it’s kind a like my ongoing mullet.

A girls got to maintain.

I mean a little Botox here a little extensions there you get it…

One thing I wanted to talk about on this post was hand tied extensions.

This is a term getting thrown around social media like crazy. But you don’t actually know what you’re stepping into, this is a general term.

I think people started calling extensions hand tied extensions because they were using hand tied hair, but there are many different qualities and brands of hand tied hair.

Hand tied is simply referring to how the hair is sewn together at the top of the weft. And a variety of different qualities of hair can be hand tied. There are also multiple ways to sew hand tight hair onto the head.

I first came across hand tied hair when I was 18 years old. I got my first set of Old-school braided in tracks and I like the hand tied hair because the braid itself

was pretty bulky and this was a way to layer multiple pieces of hair on one braid. So would this be considered hand tied-extensions? I guess the point I’m trying

to get across is if I am a consumer why create more confusion in the marketplace.

If you are someone who is interested in “hand tied hair extensions” makes sure you do your research.

NBR Is done with small metal beads to create a foundation.

The hair is not to completely pulled all the way through the bead and in my experience this creates less drag or pull on the natural hair. It also stays in better and  slips less. It’s extremely important to have clean sections and the correct bead tension on each bead to protect the integrity of the natural hair.

The anchor beads or ends beads must be placed in the hairline where there is enough density. Meaning you have to have enough hair to hold the bead.

With NBR we completely reattach the end beads to ensure no excess pulling or drag on the natural hair. 

The NBR tracks are not placed straight across  but on a subtle U shape on the head. This allows more fullness on the sides where let’s face it, that’s where us ladies could use a little more hair. This also makes it easier to pull your hair in a ponytail without them showing.

I get many DM‘s and emails about finding an NBR Artist in your area.

Next year we will have a map locator with not “certified”, but preferred NBR Stylist.

This means they have gone through a series of requirements where we have been able to check off and approve their work as a part of DKW styling academy.

If your previous student and want to be on this list and want more information don’t hesitate to email!! Or if you are currently on my education email list we will be sending out details soon!!

For new students looking to learn NBR we will have classes available nationwide. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Tickets go on sale next month click >> HERE <<  to join the waitlist.

Each year we have our large convention with over 300 students and this year, November of 2019,  is sold out!!!

The nationwide classes will be only 15 students per class.

All work in this post was done at the DKW STYLING Salon in Laguna beach CA.

For all appointments click >>  HERE <<  to apply!! ❤️