Interested in learning NBR??

2019 has been all about slowing down and building a better foundation. Sometimes scaling if not done properly is not more effective, nor profitable. This goes for education, and if you are also a salon owner you may be able to relate too.

We have received many emails from people interested in taking a class, however, we only hold one large convention for new students in 2019. This convention is in November and has been sold out for months!!

The good news is, we have a ton more NBR Education coming out in 2020 – Including small classes available nationwide, 1-on-1 Shadowing or mentoring, a new online course, and of course convention!!

We also have a new hand tied hair line that we are constantly improving to get that perfect quality and blend.

If you are a past student and you want back in our NBR Education, we will have both mastermind available and a new subscription level available! Or say you just need a refresher class. This is where the small nationwide classes will be a perfect fit for you.

Right now, to join mastermind, you have to take a class and hit certain prerequisites.

However, with the upcoming new subscription, you’ll have access to the new hairline, customer support and BMS University Online. This will be an amazing tool for those of you that are not quite ready for the Mastermind, or who are a past student.

I’m kind of Geeking Out about all the cool stuff we have coming up for next year. Click here to make sure you’re on our NBR Education email list for updates and news!!

All work in this post was done at DKW Styling Salon, the Home of Natural Beaded Rows, located in Laguna Beach, California.

If you’re a potential client we are currently accepting new clients. Click here for more information.

Danielle K. White