Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Baby Isla is due July 25th, so of course, having a July baby, I was all about the red dress as my favorite from this shoot!

Although she is not due until close to the end of July, we ran into a few bumps about six weeks ago when I was diagnosed with a DVT, this a blood clot in the leg.

Of course, immediately after, I spent several days on Google freaking myself out!

But although it’s serious, it’s manageable.

I never had any issues with my other two girls, so this was a little bit unexpected for me.

We had scheduled to induce me at 39 weeks, however, due to high blood pressure, they are most likely going to induce me closer to 37 weeks which crazy enough is THIS week!!!

So this might be my last post until our New Baby Arrives! (OR, she’s already even here!)

As I haven’t been feeling 100% like myself the last month, I’m excited about the next chapter for our family.

I am excited and nervous to meet my baby! Even though it’s my third girl it kind of feels like I’m starting over because of the eight-year gap.

These photos were sooo amazing, and I just had to share them on the blog!

All gowns and photos by Karen Marie at Belly Beautiful Portraits

Danielle K. White