Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #79: The Entitled Artist

It’s the best of both worlds in this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist where Danielle and Ani come together to have some candid conversations around the topics of entitled artists, being a business owner, and never giving up – even in your darkest hour. *This is a previously aired episode from November 2018.

Point #1: Show Some Respect

  • During a recent training inside the BMS network, an artist revealed she was the product of a salon walk-out. Now that she is trying to start her own business, she realizes how much of an asshole she has been.
  • Danielle was once that ‘naive asshole’ who didn’t show respect for those who had blazed the trail before her.

Ask Yourself: How are you currently being a naive asshole?

Point #2: It Takes Mad Skills

  • While many think they have what it takes to be successful in business, they frequently lack many of the skills necessary to do the job that would make them successful.
  • Many assume they are to going to walk right in and own the world. However, it’s never as easy as you think it will be…ever.

Ask Yourself: In what area do you know it’s time to increase your skill level?

 Point #3: Risk Takers

  • When it comes to owning and running a business, employees tend not to put themselves in the owner’s shoes and are quick to judge,
    not realizing there are a lot of hard decisions business owners must make.
  • At the end of the day, the final say-so will forever fall on the shoulders of the business owners, who are also the ones taking ALL of the risks.

Ask Yourself: Are you prepared to take on all of the risk inside your next business decision?

Point #4: Change the Frame

  • Many people equate change with betrayal, no matter how hard you nail it in that a business has to be successful, and change is sometimes necessary for that success to happen.
  • If something is not working, putting blinders on is not going to get the job done. A new frame must be established, and those who want to remain in the old frame, and are unwilling to move forward with the new one, must be let go.

Ask Yourself: What new frame must you step into in order for you to move forward and progress?

Point #5: Letting Go Of the Noise

  • Ani’s experiences over the past few months had thrown her into a state of chaos. She took a step back and found it necessary to drown out the opinions and voices of those who were influencing her in order for her to hear her own voice.
  • Ani: Is that the person I’m going to be, where the minute it gets hard, I give in? I give up? We’re all a little bit insane, which is why we’re changing this industry. Inside of that, I know I’m not done here.

Ask Yourself: Where in your world is it time to separate yourself from the influencing voices of others?

Quote of the Week:

“It’s in those dark moments where your true colors start to show up; where you decide you’re going to keep going even when you hit those hard corners.”

— Danielle K White

“It’s going to get dark, it’s going to get hard, but don’t you dare give up!”

— Anianne Rivera

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