What is hand tied hair extensions?

With an overwhelming amount of information available online, I wanted to explain a little more about the installation process of Natural Beaded Rows ® Hair Extensions.

Natural Beaded Rows ® is a beaded track System. The hair used for this system is hand tied hair. Hand tied is referring to the size of the weft – not the system, and hand tied hair can be used for multiple systems.

A common trending term I hear is “hand tied extensions”, however, this is too general and you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into. There are multiple ways to “hand tie” hair onto the natural hair.

NBR® was born out of my own hair struggles and frustrations. Beaded rows have been around forever, and just like any new hair technique has a foundation, so did NBR®. The first 10 years of my career I dove into every and any technique I could get my hands on. Protein bonds, I tips, Braid ins, beaded singles, tape ins, and more.

I wanted to figure out the least invasive type of extensions with more fullness, and less damage. I also wanted something practical that worked with my daily schedule, and where I didn’t have to spend an entire day inside the salon.

Being able to live an active lifestyle like working out or swimming, or vacationing, without worrying about my hair was also important.

Clients that have tried multiple methods and switched over to Natural Beaded Rows ® couldn’t be more pleased with the end result!!

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Danielle K. White
Creator of Natural Beaded Rows®
Owner of DKW Styling Salon

P.S. All work in this post has been done by DKW Styling Salon NBR® Artists.