Is your hair costing you your confidence!?

OK, I get it… you think your hair doesn’t define you??

When you think of iconic celebrities, movie stars, or media moguls… What’s the one thing that might set them apart? Hair.

We can literally define decades and eras by styles & colors of hair!

Think about describing somebody, usually the first characteristics we try to describe is their hair.

The hair industry is a billion dollar industry, and I would say hair defines much more than you think.

For me, I’ve always felt like I was confident in my own skin. This doesn’t mean I didn’t want to experience having better hair.

Hair is much more of a feeling than just a function.

My favorite part of the Natural Beaded Rows® Transformation is the excitement and confidence I see women leave the salon with. I know at this moment it’s more than just hair, and I believe that this confidence can carry over to many areas of our lives.

I’ve had many women leave the salon crying. They feel beautiful, sexy and confident.

For me, this is one of the reasons I chose hair extensions as my niche.

I too had experienced the same thing with a little extra hair.

Because I wear my own product, having it look natural in between visits was crucial for me.

I wanted a product that looks natural while creating more fullness, and with less damage to my natural hair.

I always tell my clients my goal is to keep the integrity of the natural hair.

The better your natural hair is, the more realistic and natural hair extensions will look.

Let your hair be a confidence booster!!

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Danielle K. White
Creator of Natural Beaded Rows®

P.S. All work in this post is done by myself and artists at the DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach, CA.