Happy Mane Monday!!

Today on the blog it’s all about blondes!!

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and stopped working behind the chair just last week! I was only there two days per week taking 4 clients per week. I’ll be back I promise 😉 As an educator, it’s important to stay in the mix.

If you’re new to my blog I created a hand tied hair extension system called Natural Beaded Rows® and own and salon in Laguna Beach, CA called DKW Styling.

I currently have 7 artists at DKW, and this week my team really stepped up!! I wasn’t planning on being done behind the chair yet (I like to work pretty close until the time I deliver because it takes my mind off the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy) but because of a little health scare, I stopped early.

I put a ton of training into each artist, and actually only hire stylists who have been doing hair for a minimum of 5 years, and who currently already offers NBR® as a service. Right now, everyone on my team has been doing hair over a decade, and has personally been trained by me.

I think of DKW and NBR® as more of an education company than anything else. I have always loved educating, and believe this has made me a better artist!

All work in the post was not done by me, but my team at the DKW Styling Salon this past week!! One of these cute blondes is the new Orange County housewife of season 14!! Thank god for NBR® Hair Extensions on #RHOC

I’m currently looking for 2 new assistants at DKW Styling!! Sooo, if you currently offer NBR® or are in my mastermind, and are interested in being a part of my team, here is what I need you to do…

Send us a short video of you! Tell us a little bit about your hair background and why you would be a good fit for the team, and email your video to Krystal at krystal@hairextensionsecret.com

We can’t wait to hear from you!!

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We have many fly-in clients at DKW. (Sounds crazy I know, but hair is a huge deal especially hair extensions and hair color). So don’t be shy. Click HERE to find out more information, and schedule a consultation today to Experience NBR® and our new hand-tied hairline ISLAexclusive to DKW Styling Salon!

Danielle K. White