Neither of these dresses are maternity. I’m at the point where pretty much anything cute and comfortable is the way to go.

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Tune in each week to my blog for new content! Honestly I prefer delivering all my content via video – That’s why you’ll see two podcast weekly (Date Your Wife Podcast and the Big Money Stylist Podcast), and I also have a YouTube Channel!

I love hair, fashion, make-up, hair and all the girly things in life…

…But I also run a large education company, as well as being the owner of a luxury hair salon in Laguna Beach, California – plus, I’m married, have two girls with one more on the way!

Needless to say, I’m a little busy, but I manage my time well and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you’re building something big there’s always a million changes. Change is necessary for growth.

Here was something I wrote on my recent Instagram post:

“Your reach is higher than you think… I started my “Brand” eight years ago. Which seems like a hot minute but in the long term play its nothing.

What are you not willing to start that will cost you a decade…?

What I’m doing right now wasn’t even in my realm of what I thought could be possible

YOUR biggest mistake is doing nothing.

Reach just a little higher each day, and in time you will see massive results.

Never over estimate consistency. And measure your pace on RESULTS.”

Hope everyone has an Amazing Memorial Day Weekend!