Hey ladies! Home stretch!! 30 weeks!!

Here are a couple of date night dresses I’m obsessed with lately!

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My blog is a place where I share everything I’m up to.

When I first started my brand, I focused on YouTube tutorials on hair sharing my passion and knowledge for hair and hair extensions. As my business and brand began to evolve, I started sharing fashion and products as well.

Then came the podcast. This was a chance for me to have a voice and show my personality.

My Date Your Wife Podcast is on the reality of married life. (I’m not shy to share my story or options on this topic.)

I find all successful people have amazing stories and there is a lot of power in sharing.

My other podcast is Big Money Stylist (This is specifically for hair stylists, but if you own a business or are building a brand I’m sure you’ll love it too!)

With social media, there is a balance between making your feed look “pretty” and deliver good content to keep people interested.

To be honest, I think my IG is mostly boring, but it’s pretty and I love Pretty pictures and also fashion!!

Be you! Ok, I get it. I’m twirling around 7 months pregnant with my husband in these pictures, but this is a side of me. I love getting dressed up and going on dates!! These pictures were actually taken in our neighborhood!!

So many people now on IG have millions of followers with pretty pictures, and there are soooo many traveling influencers and mommy bloggers!!

My focus in my business has not just been on building followers and responding to every DM that comes my way. This is a full-time job in itself!

I know because my husband has a full-time team that runs his social media currently. What’s funny is I have been telling this to him for years. I would say, “Babe, you don’t have time to do social media, however, it’s an important aspect of your business.”

He finally saw some value in it and jumped on board. Sure, he creates the content but they do all of the engaging. Good content, and good engagement!!

I’m bored with travel bloggers touring Paris. How many photos of the Eiffel Tower do you need!? I want good content that delivers good value.

I’ve even been bored myself of creating the content of just curling tutorials and makeup videos, but hey… that’s so good content, right!?

I have my softer side that still talks about hair products, make-up, clothes, home decor, and so on.

Then I have my spicy side that you’ll see on my podcasts talking about business, personal development, married life, and more!

Whatever angle you choose, just remember to be yourself and add value!

There’s a balance between stepping outside your comfort in order to build a Business in a brand for yourself.

My blog is my personal brand. If you love just hair, tune in Monday’s and to my BMS podcast.

If you love fashions and hair tips, follow on YouTube and my Thursday posts!

If you love my looks, shop each dress here:

Get My Leopard Dress HERE!

Garrett’s looks are by David August.