In case you missed the news, I have a hand-tied hairline!!

ISLA, by Natural Beaded Rows®, is available exclusively at DKW Styling Salon, and to students of my current Mastermind of NBR® Stylists.

So I wanted to take a minute to invite you to experience the new vibe at the DKW Styling Salon, and the new hairline!

We’ve had many changes this last year with the expansion of my salon going from four to eight chairs, and we now also proudly carry Oribe Luxury Hair products.

Each new install or returning client receives a starter hair care product kit with everything you will need to maintain your ISLA Hair, and protect your investment in NBR®.

We have some new faces at DKW Salon – but they’re not new to hair, or NBR®.

Each artist at my salon has been doing hair for over 10 years, and go through extensive NBR® training exclusively with me!

Each artist works with 1-2 assistants at a time to Ensure Not Only the Quality of Your NBR Hair® & Your Experience, but also to make sure we value your time as well, and that you’re not stuck in the salon all day, or feel anxious that your stylist didn’t book enough time for you.

Hair extensions are an investment, and should be treated that way – including receiving a high-end experience!

I want to tell you a little more about ISLA Hand Tied Hair Extensions.

I’ve personally been using hand-tied hair for over 17 years, and have tried a little bit of everything on the market to figure out what I like – and equally important, what I don’t like – in the process of creating and testing hand-tied hair.

…and since providing ISLA to clients, we’ve had nothing but amazing feedback.

Each piece of ILSA hair has more grams per weft. This means fuller hair and lighter weight!

This also helps maintain the integrity of the natural hair with its lightweight feel. Basically, it’s less hair – but with a fuller appearance!

ISLA is 100% Remi! What this means for you is less tangle, less shed, and more longevity in your hair.

I’ve partnered up with larger hair distributors that are not new to creating hair, and who have been testing and processing hair for YEARS to get the right “batch!”

Lastly, my favorite thing about ISLA is the natural color blends and less silicone. Less silicone means a more natural appearance from the start!

(No more Barbie hair).

And let’s be honest, if your color doesn’t match PERFECTLY, it’s a dead giveaway you are wearing extensions!

Click HERE to Accept Your Invitation to Experience NBR® with the Brand New ISLA Hand-Tied Hair at the DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach, CA!