“Hey girl, your extensions are showing!!”

I was at dinner with my husband when he looked over and said, “Hurry, go give that girl your Business card. I can see her extensions from across the restaurant!”

I told him, “OK, that’s rude – she’s on a date!”

Sadly, I don’t think she knew her extensions were showing. And I casually wanted to go over and adjust her hair…

Did the standard of extensions looking natural go out the window?

Did hair extensions become one of those things where it’s like a nice handbag, and you want people to know you spent more on your hair!?

Honestly, I’ve never had great hair and I was always a little envious of women who had amazing hair. But I wasn’t willing to have extra hair at the cost of it looking not natural.

Having tried my fair share of extensions and having those embarrassing moments where something is peaking out, or even worse – completely slipping out while you’re out and about…

…I had to figure out a solution to not only looking good right after you leave the salon – but also looking good in between salon visits.

Ladies. I’m here to tell you that not only is the installation method important, but experience with custom coloring, cutting and placing the extensions will all affect the experience you have with your hair extensions looking and feeling more natural.

With custom color and a custom cut with your NBR Hand Tied Extensions, this makes traveling and living an active lifestyle not much different than if it were your natural hair!

Don’t settle when it comes to your hair. Your hair should give you more confidence and ease with your lifestyle!

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Danielle K. White