If you missed my latest YouTube video on Friday, check it out here. I love this hand-tied Remy hair by Natural Beaded Rows. Myself as well as a few select clients have been wearing this hair for the last little while, and couldn’t be happier. With more grams per weft and less silicone, you get a fuller more natural appearance.

Have you ever had tangly extensions when it claims to be Remy, and you can’t figure out why it’s a “Bad batch”? Well, know not all Remy hair is created equal.

Remy means cuticle intact which is the hair that is most likely to prevent tangling, but there are different types of Remy hair. The most sought after is Indian Remy.

However, in my experience, not all Indian Remy is created equal. This could come down to the factories in which it’s produced, or it might not actually be 100% Remy.

After testing my own product for a while, I know if you’ve used hand tied in the past you will not be disappointed.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, it’s not available for everyone.

In 2019 it’s only launched to my inner circle of mastermind students, which is a small, select group of 200 stylists nationwide. In 2020, we may release it to the public, but only for NBR professionals, but at a higher price point than the mastermind has.

The only way to join my mastermind is to take a new class with us. This year we only offer one public class which is in November, with pre-training starting May 1. We do online pre-training six months prior to the event and also require each student to hit prerequisites.

Now, don’t panic. It’s not like you don’t have time to do this. It’s a matter of prioritizing, and with the pre-training being held online you can do it in the comfort of your own home, or in-between clients in your salon.

People reach out to us all the time and tell us, “I’m good on the business & marketing side”, or they’re just flat out lazy, or say “they are too busy”, or even procrastinate (yes, we are all guilty of all three of these things), and don’t want to do the pre-training.

I’m sorry but last time I checked, education and specifically hair school don’t work that way. In order to get into any reputable hair school, you have to apply and be accepted, and you are required to do the work and finish requirements in order to offer services in your salon.

Why should it be so different for hair extensions?

In my experience, there’s a lot of risk with hair extensions, and if not taught correctly, it can compromise the natural hair.

Hair extension classes are commonly treated as a small boot camp. So let me get this straight. You want to offer a $2,000 to $4,000 product, yet you only have to go to a six-hour Boot Camp?

But to offer a $200 hair color you have a minimum of 1500 hours of hair school to complete…?!

How does this make any sense?

That’s why I’ve chosen to raise the standard. I’m treating my hair extensions education like hair school. If they were to teach hair extensions in hair, it should be an additional 500 hours. Yet to this day, IF it’s taught in hair schools, again it’s a simple six-hour Boot Camp!?!

I personally work with each artist at my salon every week on technique and blending. We also hold individual classes just for our salon once a month.

If you’re stagnant, you’re ultimately digressing, and time doesn’t always equal experience.

If you’ve been doing hair for 20 years, but your color is pre-mixed before the client gets there – you’re stagnant.

I would encourage you to hold yourself to a higher standard.

This may trigger many of you, however, if you don’t commit to growth within the art of hair it’s like you’re living in a bubble.

It’s time to step outside that bubble, and it’s not as scary or as hard as you think.

When I started my career I considered myself a hobby hairstylist.

Over time, I became an expert and educator and I’m extremely passionate about what I do.

So no more pre-mixing colors, or saying “you’re good with marketing” and “I just need a six-hour boot camp to be successful…”

Instead, Join me and 350 other artists this year for our only NBR Education Class. Ticket sales will close in the next 10 days!!

If you are a potential client and would love to book an appointment at the home of Natural Beaded Rows, Click Here to Apply Today!

All photos in this post were done by myself and artists at DKW Styling Salon.

Danielle K. White