I’m approaching my last trimester, and I’ve officially started buying mostly maternity clothes…

It’s only another three months, and I have been purchasing a lot on Amazon lately. Pair it with a nice bag and shoes and it pulls the whole look together!!

I bought this dress in three colors, and it’s very flattering for maternity. (Click HERE to Get It!)

Everyone keeps asking me if this pregnancy is different because it’s been eight years since my last baby. I think the only thing that is different is that I have a lot more going on in my life right now, so it seems like I can only operate at 50% capacity – and to be honest it’s driving me crazy…

Everyone just keeps telling me to enjoy it, but to be honest it’s really hard for me to not be busy.

I’ve been taking it easy and trying to listen to my body. I’m currently still working behind the chair two days a week, but I have cut back hours… a little.

Staying busy keeps my mind occupied. I’m not one of those women who loves being pregnant, even though I would consider my pregnancies fairly easy. But I do love the baby phase and can’t wait to meet my little girl!!

Stay tuned and each week for blog content. I’m not going to lie, I might not have very many fashion post left because it’s all things stretchy from this point on. However, tune in to my weekly podcast episodes on Business and Married Life.

I currently run two businesses. I own a salon in Laguna Beach called DKW Styling, as well as a large education company for the hair extension system I created called Natural Beaded Rows. I also just recently launched a hairline. For more information on hair, click here!!