Hi! It’s Danielle here, the owner of DKW Styling Salon and Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extension Method.

I ’ve been consistently behind the chair (and still currently am) for the last 17 years! I’ve worn extensions in my own hair for the last 18 years, and my journey started simply by just trying to find a better more natural solution to hair extensions for my own fine fragile hair.

After determining exactly what worked in my hair as well as many hair textures, NBR was born! Reps equal experience, and results speak louder than words.

I’m a problem solver by nature and typically kick against the grain. Just because things are done a certain way in our industry doesn’t mean they have to continue to stay that way.

There is learning to Master hair, and then there is learning to teach the art and technical side of hair.

Reps in teaching eaquals better results for students. It’s one thing to be good at your crafts, but learning to teach also makes you a better artist because you have a better overall understanding of why you do things the way you do.

As artists, we can be so sensitive to feedback.

But no matter what level you’re at within your craft, or your teaching, or your marketing, being able to give yourself constructive feedback will equal growth.

I have seen an immense amount of growth in myself and members of my current mastermind.

We are big on Feedback, and I always tell each student I can promise you I’m harder on myself than I am students and this is because I have been able to not get stuck in a box and give myself constructive feedback.

Both in life and business – if you’re stagnant you’re ultimately digressing.

Right now I’m teaching every week inside my mastermind.

Not only with the technique, but the business, marketing and sales portion of NBR.

Meeting with students on a weekly basis helps me problem solve within my industry.

NBR is not another popular “hand tied hair extension method” that you take one class to learn, and “congratulations”, you go home with yet another certification piece of paper.

Each year we up the game in order to better serve the experts in our community.

Although my business was born under financial pressure that I was experiencing in my life at the time, my husband’s business has now taken off and are extremely successful.

Many times this leads me to crossroads where I’m thinking, “Why am I doing this?? Why do I care so much?”

Don’t get me wrong, my business is successful, but often times the stress of everything wants me to say, “Fuck it, I’m out!”

Which I am sure many of us experience in life.

However, life isn’t meant to be played like this.

In order to learn and grow, you have to push through many challenges to reach new thresholds.

Problems that used to seem massive, start to seem small.  

My ability to continue to grow and learn has helped me mentor many others in my industry.

I tell each one of my students I’ve been exactly where you are.

I don’t claim to know it all, but if I look at my results in life I know I have figured more than a few things out.

Whether you like me as a person, or you like my work, NBR is now a household name when it comes to hair extensions, and I will continue to push to that next level every year!

So here’s the news for this year’s NBR education.

In 2019, we are only hosting small classes for my current mastermind. So if you’ve seen this on social media, it’s not for new students.

To be a part of the 2019 Mastermind you had to hit requirements. We shut down the requirements as of April 1, and are no longer accepting any new students inside the mastermind for 2019. So if you had this opportunity but didn’t hit your requirements, your next available chance to enter the Mastermind is 2020.

To get into Mastermind, you have to take an NBR Class first and then have the option to join mastermind for a monthly payment to further your education and help keep you on track.

Our only class open to the public for new NBR students is in November. (Watch the BMS Movie Here)

As I stated earlier in this post, each year we are trying to up our game to help better serve our community of artists and give them better results.

That being said, we started ticket sales a couple of weeks ago to the waiting list.

This year’s convention is available to 350 artists, and we have already sold just over 200 tickets.

We will most likely close ticket sales for this in the next couple of weeks.

The reason being, we start six months of pre-training May 1st.

This year, not only do we offer pre-training but there are pre-requisites you have to hit before coming to the class in November.

Yes, our classes are sold by application only.

I get it,

Most classes you can just click on purchase and anyone can come.

However, with limited spots available I want people who are serious about their education and willing to do the work.  

I know I tend to be a procrastinator by nature myself, and if I’m held to a higher standard when joining, I wouldn’t show up the day before thinking, “oh shit, I didn’t review my pre-training…”

Bottom line is, I don’t want to set you guys up for failure.

I know most of you are busy artists working consistently behind the chair, and it’s more of making it a priority to do the work.

If you do the pre-training, you’ll get better results…

…and you’re more likely to use the system in your salon when going home.

Plus, in the pre-training, if we require you to hit pre-requisites we know you actually did the work.

(…and you know everyone who you’re there with did as well, which allow us to focus beyond the basics…)

Crazy – it’s almost like in hair school or college 😉

Bottom line: Stop Procrastinating.

If you want to learn NBR in 2019, fill out the application.

When you fill out the application, I would suggest not leaving answers blank, and take it seriously as well.

I know when attending Paul Mitchell Academy, not only did I have to fill out an application, but I had several interviews at the school to even be accepted.

With education running rampant through social media, it’s time to up the game!

Once you are approved, you will be sent to a pay link. Once you have paid your tuition you will be sent more information the beginning of May to help you get started on your pre-training journey, as well as information about your kit.

I am passionate about education and helping others because I see the impact it makes on their lives and the ripple effect I believe that has happened in my industry.

Hand-tied hair and beaded rows were not trending or popular. NBR is what started this movement.

I am grateful and humbled to have the experiences I have on a weekly basis with both clients and students.

Gratitude Is My Secret Weapon.

When I go in feeling this way, nothing can stop me. It takes me to levels I didn’t even know were possible.

I would love to be your mentor for 2020 along with many of my team members.

Click Here and Apply for the 2019 BMS Convention Today!