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In 2019, we are only hosting small NBR classes for my current Mastermind. So if you’ve seen this on social media, it’s not for new students.

To get into Mastermind, you have to graduate from the BMS Convention Experience first, and as a graduate, you’ll get the option to join the mastermind to further your education and help keep you on track.

This year, the only NBR class open to the public is BMSCon4 November 20-22, 2019. (Watch the BMSCon4 Movie Here)

Each year we are trying to up our game to help better serve our community of artists and give them better results.

This year’s convention is available to 350 artists, and we are almost sold out. May 1st we begin the six months of pre-training, so your last chance to apply is THIS week.

Not only do we offer pre-training, but there are pre-requisites you have to hit before coming to the class in November.

Yes, our classes are sold by application only.

I get it,

Most classes you can just click on purchase and anyone can come.

However, with limited spots available I want people who are serious about their education and willing to do the work.  

I know I tend to be a procrastinator by nature myself, and if I’m held to a higher standard when joining, I wouldn’t show up the day before thinking, “oh shit, I didn’t review my pre-training…”

Bottom line is, I don’t want to set you guys up for failure.

I know most of you are busy artists working consistently behind the chair, and it’s more of making it a priority to do the work.

If you do the pre-training, you’ll get better results…

…and you’re more likely to use the system in your salon when going home.

Plus, in the pre-training, if we require you to hit pre-requisites we know you actually did the work.

(…and you know everyone who you’re there with did as well, which allow us to focus beyond the basics…)

Crazy – it’s almost like in hair school or college 😉

Bottom line: Stop Procrastinating.

If you want to learn NBR in 2019, fill out the application.

When you fill out the application, I would suggest not leaving answers blank, and take it seriously as well.

When attending Paul Mitchell Academy, not only did I have to fill out an application, but I had several interviews at the school to even be accepted.

With education running rampant through social media, it’s time to up the game!

Once you are approved, you will be sent a link to secure your ticket. Next, you will be sent more information on May 1st to help you get started on your pre-training journey, as well as information about your kit.

I am passionate about education and helping others because I see the impact it makes on their lives and the ripple effect I believe that has happened in my industry.

Hand-tied hair and beaded rows were not trending or popular. NBR is what started this movement.

I am grateful and humbled to have the experiences I have on a weekly basis with both clients and students and know that the tool of NBR has been a game changer in my industry.

I’ve decided to extend the offer one last week, so if you want to Level Up Your Game and Become an NBR Stylist, Click Here to Apply For Your Ticket Today!

To catch a free training I did last week, CLICK HERE!