Happy Mane Monday! Natural Beaded Rows works on multiple hair textures and types. I have extremely fine, straight, slippery hair but I love the looks of lots of hair. I dance on the line of almost too much extension hair for my fine hair, but I am good at maintaining my extensions every 5 to 6 weeks.

Most NBR clients have their extensions tightened every 6 to 8 weeks. If you have fine hair like myself, and like a lot of fullness, you need to come in closer to five or six weeks.

Those who have a little more texture or less slip to their natural hair can typically go closer to the seven or eight-week mark, or if I have less hair on my extensions I can get away with stretching it out 7 to 8 weeks, too.

Keeping realistic expectations for extension clients is crucial.

There is the outcome you want with your hair, but then there is also what is best for your hair while keeping the integrity of the natural hair.

The same goes for hair color. You may want to be really blonde, but a good hairstylist will let you know if it’s even possible without completely frying off all your natural hair.

Our goal at the DKW Styling Salon is YES of course; AMAZING Hair…

…but my number one rule is to keep the integrity of the natural hair.

We have many clients that come in with previous hair extension damage. They want a specific outcome, but they have lost density therefore their hair cannot hold as much extension hair.

I’m big on educating the client on what’s really going on with their hair. Meaning, if I see density lost or too much shed, I first ask them about their daily routine and styling and ask myself if there’s something I can help educate them on as far as creating less damage…

It’s a combination between educating the client as well as being realistic and honest with each client.

I think sometimes my clients can be surprised how direct I am, but in the long run, they will appreciate it.

If their hair cannot support the weight, I’m the first to let them know this.

I’m not going pretend like I don’t know what’s going on underneath the surface.

Because I wear extensions myself – and have for the past 17 years – I know that keeping the integrity of the natural hair creates better looking hair extensions. I never put blame on the client, but more think of it as a problem-solving session to help understand what the client wants and helping them take care of their investment at home.

The last thing I want is for someone to feel less confident with their hair. Trust me, I get it hair is a big deal and know first hand that it creates so much confidence and certainty in women.

I want each client to leave feeling amazing, as well as setting them up for realistic expectations of what is possible.

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