Today I wanted to share a few of my recent blondes. Both models are wearing two rows of a mix of 18 and 22-inch Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions. I also colored both of their hair.

I wanted to touch base a little bit on creating realistic expectations with blondes.

None of my work is filtered or has a preset on it. Although light editing has been done, I try to keep it as close to how it looked in person.

This last year I have put a ton of focus on my photography skills, including taking multiple classes and investing in more equipment. If a photo was taken in good lighting with a good camera, and is in focus, less or little editing need to be done.

Recently at my salon, we started collaborating with a makeup artist. I noticed this helps to improve the photos dramatically not only because every girl looks good with a little bit of makeup, but they actually feel more sexy and confident while taking the photo.

There are certain things with photos that you just cannot edit out. I teach all of my students to give their self-feedback on their own photos.

Although sometimes as an artist you may feel its hard to get a good shot to represent your work, it’s important to look at every little detail… Ask yourself things like, “is the smock dirty? Does their pose look awkward? Did the hair color blend correctly with the extensions…?”

If you’re not willing to give yourself feedback, there’s no room to learn and grow. I always tell my students to remember certain things cannot be edited out, and the better you get it as an artist and a photographer, the less editing needs to be done.

Now, I get it. These two clients of mine are absolutely stunning. That’s why I chose to use them. You have to remember marketing is marketing, and if you have someone you feel represent your work amazingly, take a little extra time to get some amazing shots!!

This wasn’t just one or two shots. I literally took 20 minutes for just the after photos. Half of that time is me making sure my lighting and camera are in focus.

It may be a good idea as a hairstylist to reach out to some of your good clients that you think would be great for a marketing opportunity, and offer them complementary makeup or products. This makes it more of an experience so that you can get those amazing shots to represent your work.

The clients love it too, and often asked me please send me those photos so I can repost!!

Now let’s touch base on blondes real quick. One major problem I see with blonde hair extensions is when you have a multidimensional blonde come in with solid platinum extensions coming out the ends. THIS DOES NOT LOOK NATURAL.

They may be platinum on the top, but underneath the surface, they have more tones.

You have to look at every tone and hair and make sure that you are matching extensions correctly.

Just because a client says they want to be platinum blonde, remember they can only see half of their hair.

They don’t typically know exactly what’s going on in the back. So as a professional, take an account their desires and concerns – but you need to be the expert and do your magic!!

I personally hate ashy blondes. They look like a toner went bad, and they actually make your blondes look more dingy and dark. I want a bright California blonde.

What’s crazy is I toned both of these clients with an ashy robber, however, the outcome was not ashy. When you’re using an ashy toner you must first leave the blonde to a pale yellow, almost white.

If you do not lift the blonde this light, and you try to tone over a darker blonde, it will look darker and muted.

Often times the clients want to be brighter and end up feeling dull. It will ultimately fade out brassy too.

Listen. All blondes fade. You’re either going to fade yellow, or brassy.

If you’re the client using purple shampoo every day, I would suggest going in for a toner every 3 to 4 weeks.

A professional toner looks better than purple shampoo daily. A trick I like to do on my blondes as I actually leave the entire hairline out and only tone the last 30 seconds. I call it a flash toner. It makes the clients have that pop blonde around her face.

With toners, I would rather tone multiple times than overtone. Everyone’s hair is different based on the porosity, so when you put the toner on, don’t take your eyeballs off their hair.

Last and most important. Your natural color affects how good your Blonde can lift.

When I am coloring clients hair I look for longevity – not just with what will look good for the next week.

You notice with my first blonde she is extremely naturally light, therefore I was able to lift her lighter and create a beautiful bright blonde – but we still put multiple tones in her extensions so she didn’t look too Barbie doll.

My other client’s blonde naturally was a little darker, so I chose to create more dimension in her hair. She actually came in with protein bonds glued all over her head. They were platinum blonde and it was a nightmare to remove. I chose to give her that Sunkissed California look.

I currently have nine artists at my salon and we would love to accommodate you for hair color and Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions! To find out more about this method, click here.

Danielle K. White