Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #67: Feeling Stagnant & Stuck?

If the world is moving forward and you’re not, that means you’re not current, you’re behind…and you’re actually regressing. Where are you becoming stagnant in your business? Where are you feeling stuck? In this week’s episode, Danielle & Ani take on this important conversation and present five of the “Ten Reasons Why Your Business Could Be Stagnant…and What To Do About It – Part 1.”

Point #1: Communication

  • Danielle finds that many stylists are scared to have certain conversations with their clients, especially when it comes to raising their prices. She suggests going into a conversation with the mindset of ‘this is business.’ “Speak with clarity and give your client a chance to either stay with you or go with someone else. Remember, your client is a transaction.”
  • Ani believes, “You don’t have to take it personally. If they choose to leave, it’s not them saying ‘I hate you’ or ‘I don’t like you.’ As artists, we take it personally because our art IS personal and we don’t understand why they would want to go to anyone else, especially after we have done such a good job on their hair.”

Ask Yourself: In what ways do you take it personally when a client leaves and takes their business elsewhere? How can embracing the reality that clients are a transaction make your life easier?

Point #2: It’s Not a Good Fit

  • Sometimes you and a client are simply not a good fit, especially when they want you to do something that you know, in good conscience, is not good for their hair.
  • You want to make your client happy, AND you also must take a firm stand on what you will and will not do, based on your experience as a professional.

Ask Yourself: How are your conversations with your clients when it comes to your professional opinion about what you will and will not do?

 Point #3: Slave Behind the Chair

  • Ani: How does being a slave behind the chair keep you stagnant? We have artists who come into BMS making no money but are working six days a week, and then once they start crushing it in NBR & BMS, they’re STILL working six days a week, bringing in $40k-$50k a month…BUT they are STILL slaves behind the chair.
  • Danielle: I get it. The money can be kind of addicting. It’s hard to say no to people. My advice? If you don’t want to be a slave behind the chair, you have to set clear boundaries for yourself and STICK TO THEM.

Ask Yourself: Where do you see yourself in all of this? Are you a salve behind the chair? Or, have you been able to make the shift out of that position?

Point #4: Know Your Numbers

  • There are usually two camps inside of this. You’re either the person who says, ’I’m fucking crushing it!” but in reality, you’re not. OR, you’re the person who says, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing terrible!” … until you look at your numbers and realize you’re doing really well.
  • Artists have approached Ani expressing how they felt they were not doing well…UNTIL they started running their numbers. Oftentimes when artists begin tracking their numbers and compare their current numbers to past years’ pre-BMS/NBR numbers, what they’re finding is their numbers are doubling and tripling.

Ask Yourself: What has been the biggest eye-opener for you since you started tracking your numbers?

Point #5: You Feel Alone & Isolated

  • Ani: So often we think we don’t need anybody and can do everything by ourselves… but we don’t realize how much HARDER it is to be alone. Plus, when you’re alone, it’s your pace and ONLY yours that you’re looking at. It’s also easier to fall into the victim and blame mentality.
  • Danielle: People lose momentum because they don’t have that community. This is why people want to get back into BMS Mastermind. Not only are they noticing that they’re becoming stagnant but they’re also realizing they’re losing momentum and don’t have the results, which ultimately means they’re digressing. When you surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do, it pushes you forward, faster

Ask Yourself: What has been your experience with this?

Quote of the Week:

“If you’re that business owner who’s running on the hamster wheel because you can’t let go, I want you to keep in mind that it’s most likely keeping you a slave behind the chair AND a slave to your business. It’s also keeping you very stagnant.”

—Danielle K White

“I feel if you are wanting to progress to a level six and you’re at a level three, you can’t keep hanging out with people who are at a level three. You should probably be hanging out with people you aspire to become.”

—Anianne Rivera  

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