There’s been lots of baby kicks the last couple weeks! Everything starts to feel real when she starts all those little kicks!

I’m 24 weeks and feeling pretty good. The last 6 weeks is the worst, and I keep thinking I’m going to work until the very last week, but this week I officially can’t tie my shoes.

I think it’s good to stay active during pregnancy as takes your mind off the uncomfortable side of things, and I’m convinced staying active during pregnancy leads to a faster recovery.

April 2nd my hand tied hairline launched and the website is LIVE, and are now taking pre-orders that will be shipped out May 1st – But right now, pre-orders are exclusive for those in my current Natural Beaded Rows Mastermind Group.

Speaking of, we just launched ticket sales for my largest NBR Class of the year, and the demand has been overwhelming! Watch the Film and Apply for a Ticket HERE!

We only have room for 350 stylists at this event, and with a little more than 200 tickets sold already, there’s currently only 142 tickets remaining. We anticipate to sell out within the next 14 days so we can get ready to start the 6 months of in-depth pre-training May 1st.  

Yes – while the event is not until November, we have six months of online pre-training in order to give the students better results.

Now, if you get a ticket to my Natural Beaded Rows Class in November you will also get access to the ISLA Hair website, where the hair colors available to you has been custom created by me.

Remember, Better blends equals more Natural Looking Hair Extensions.

I personally have this hair in my hair, and it’s a game changer in my industry with hand tied hair.

I keep thinking I should slow down because I’m almost 6 months pregnant but I just fired my husband as CEO of my companies. I felt like I was losing touch, but then wanted to dictate how things should go – which is not fair to those that have taken on the responsibilities inside my companies.

So over the last year I’ve been committed to creating better systems and processes inside my business. And holy shit was there a lot to learn. On a positive note, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at my communication and feel like things are running a lot more smooth.

People who don’t know me, but listen to my podcast, tell me they’re always surprised by me… I’m not really sure how to take that, but if I’m being honest I kind of surprise myself.

When I’m passionate about something I go all in.

I’m hard-working, and sometimes it’s hard for me to slow down. The problem with somebody else trying to run your business is they don’t always have the same passion and visions as you might have with your Business. But with better teams and more help, I’m not doing it alone.

I’m grateful for my husband this last couple of years. He has pushed me, triggered me, and challenged me in all the right ways.

He would always tell me your business is not my business, but I care about it because I care for you.

He has his own vision, and I have mine – and together, somehow the craziness of it all works.

I’m pretty good at prioritizing my time, and even inside my education my big push is to work less – make more.

Value your time, and enjoy life at the same time.

If you love my White Maternity Dress it’s actually just from Amazon. Yep, that’s basically where I’m at. An Amazon dress and my Chanel bag these days! 😆🤷🏼‍♀️

Shop my dress HERE and tune in every Thursday for my favorite looks or story of the week!