NBR was the first beaded track to use a hair type called “Hand Tied Hair Extensions”.

This is the HAIR – Not the system. It’s a thin lightweight seem that creates more fullness and less bulk in the hair.

NBR has a custom hand tied hairline called ISLA coming out in two months!! Not that we’re counting down or anything 😉

I created the ISLA line to serve professionals at a professional level. Even with the experience of over 18 years using hand tied hair extensions, it was always hard to find the perfect blend.

Regardless of your method of choice, if the blend is incorrect it is obvious that you are wearing hair extensions.

I developed a love for hair color and the traditional way of matching the extension hair closer to the natural hair was not an option.

So I began to color hair to ensure the Blend for clients was natural and seamless.

NBR became known for its natural blend and was the first beaded system to use hand tied hair extensions.

In my search for the perfect hair, quality, longevity, and density were extremely important.  In testing many hand tied products on the marketplace, this led me to create my own line of hand tied hair, thus making it easier for professionals and a better experience for clients.

ISLA hair will have more density (grams per weft).

This will create more fullness with less bulk on the scalp and will be more comfortable for the client. It will be fluffier and have less silicone.  

We’ve all seen the Barbie hair running around – We want the hair to look like HAIR – not extensions.

Each color is rooted and toned, and no more Kelly Clarkson piano keys with hair!

Soft, Seamless, Multi-Dimensional Blends.

Less shed, and better quality.

I’ve been testing multiple lines of hand tied hair over the last five years to find out what would need to be improved.

I have been wearing my own hair now over the past 6 months and couldn’t be more obsessed! (…and those who know me know how picky I am with hair…)

I have short fine hair the brakes off easily, and having a flawless blend is trickier on types of hair like mine.

Better Blends – Better Quality.

I was actually going to talk about how many rows to use per client in this post, but I got too excited about the new hairline.


NBR is typically done with anywhere from 1 to 3 rows. We’ve had the occasional client with 3 1/2 but honestly, there’s not more room on the head to add any more hair.

One row is for that client that just wants to fill in the sides but doesn’t want a lot of extra lengths. Keep in mind if your sides are really bad like mine, you will need two full rows to fill in the front – Even if you’re not adding length.

2 rows are the most common. This is for the client that has length at least below the shoulders, or the client that has shorter hair on the sides.

I wear 2.5 rows because I need hair on the sides, plus I have short layers in the back, and I need a small piece in the crown to connect everything.

3 Rows are for the client with thick hair. You have to put enough hair back in to break the line. This is also common for hair that is right above the shoulders.

We have all potential clients fill out an application and send us a photo of their hair before we determine if it’s a good fit.

When turning down clients, it’s because we just don’t feel we can give them the best possible outcome. It’s not personal – we just want you to have an amazing experience. I would never feel good about offering a product to somebody I didn’t 100% believe I can make look amazing.

After we receive your application and feel it would be a good fit we set up a phone consultation. Keep in mind it’s not just length that determines if you’re a good fit but also fullness, texture, and density.

I once had a client in my chair who’s length looked good. The problem was as I pulled up the sides to place a row, it looked like someone had taken clippers to the sides of her head.

I was shocked. I thought, “Why would you not disclose this kind of damage inside of your phone consultation?”

You have to have hair to attach more hair to.

That’s why it’s crucial to be very clear in our consultations, and we ask if you have any previous hair extension damage and if so please send us photos of your density.

I don’t want to be a last resort and save people – I want to help maintain good quality in your natural hair while wearing extensions.

We are currently pre-booking for ISLA hair!!

If you love hand tied hair extensions, I know you’ll love this product.

Fly-ins welcome! Come visit us in Sunny California for that much-needed winter break you have been needing!

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P.S. If you are currently an influencer with over 300k followers we have a collaboration package!! (Mention inside your application that you’re an influencer, and we can see if it’s a good fit!)

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P.P.S All photos in this post were work done by myself and other team members at DKW Styling Salon Located in Laguna Beach, California!!