I love fashion and shopping and have since as early as I can remember. From the time I was little, my mom told me I had at least three outfit changes in a day…

…and I have pictures to prove it!

I was always in a tutu or a dress or some form of legwarmers…Not much is changed as an adult haha.

Although lately, I’ve had Lululemon leggings glued to my body and I’m lucky to have one outfit change during the day.

I see all these cute pump style photos on Instagram and behind the scenes, it’s actually quite challenging.

I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this way… Some days I get ready and feel cute, and that’s when I turn around and realize my backside is keeping up with my front side – I guess it’s important to have equal weight distributed to hold the pump up!! 😉

My husband keeps telling me I look great, but we all know exactly where he’s got his eyes.

I’m Petite but curvy – I’m not one of those girls that put on 20 pounds and puts my skinny jeans back on at the hospital.

Go big or go home! I gained 50 pounds with both my other girls. The good news is, I lost it in four months.

Your body will do what it wants to do during pregnancy, so enjoy the ride and focus on a healthy happy baby!!

I would say I have fairly easy pregnancies. I still wouldn’t go as far as saying I love being pregnant, however, I’m grateful for the Amazing experience and think it’s pretty cool to grow a human being. I currently have two girls and will be having one more little girl.

I’m due late July and am currently halfway there!!

I absolutely hate maternity pants and would prefer to live in a dress! For the most part, I can get away with buying non-maturity and I’m obsessed with summer dresses!

Here are two of my recent bump style looks:

The longer dress is from a maternity store called Sacred Bundle (Get It HERE) that I just came across on Instagram. I absolutely love this dress, however, you will need to purchase a slip to go under it as it is very sheer.

The next little white dress is a cute basic from Pea In the Pod. (Click HERE to Get It)

I love the detail on the sleeve, and it comes in multiple colors. However, I did have about 3 inches taken off on the length of this dress. I’m not sure why, but most maternity dresses I come across go below the knees. That is such an unflattering length, and nothing says frumpy like a mid-calf dress.

I know with pregnancy sometimes energy levels are just not the same, but putting a little makeup on and throwing on a cute dress can sometimes give you that fix of energy that you’re looking for!!

Stop by every Thursday for a new look at my favorite bump style!!