You will spend money on whatever you value.

If you value cars, you most likely have a nice car.

If you love shoes, most likely you have a lot of nice shoes with a few pair of really expensive ones.

Do you love handbags?

We can justify the cost of many things based on what we value, and not necessarily based on our financial situation.

I remember the first designer bag I purchased. It was Celine and was actually the first bag I had spent over $2,000 on. I’ve always been into bags, but my price threshold was more like a Kate Spade or Michael Kors.

I told myself, “Spending over $1,000 on a bag is ridiculous, who would do that?”

But secretly I wanted to do that.

I remember I drove down to Barneys at least three times and looked in the bag, tried it on and loved it each time. Tried to justify buying it, but couldn’t do it.

Not only did I drive down to Barneys, but it was a 45-minute ride each way and each time I drove down specifically to get the bag and I couldn’t do it.

Finally, I thought, “This is so stupid, why am I having such a hard time purchasing a bag I’ve saved the money for? I want that damn bag!”

I think I was worried about spending money on myself, and the guilt, not necessarily about the bag.

We didn’t have a ton of money at the time and I thought, “this bag is more than my car payment!!”

I finally got to the tipping point where I decided I need to do something for myself – and it’s not about the bag – so that very day I drove down and bought the bag.

It felt amazing. I loved it and used it every day, and felt zero guilt.

It was a matter of just giving myself permission to do something for myself.

I felt good carrying this bag, as silly as it sounds, and I thought, “if this makes me happy, who cares?”


Hair is much bigger than a bag for me.

I never had great hair growing up.

In fact, I always had to cut my hair into a Bob and had a little bit of envy for long hair. Even though the bob is super trendy right now, not being able to grow your hair out was a little disappointing so the first thing I jumped into when I started doing hair was hair extensions.

I value hair and love the feeling of confidence it gives me, but more than anything it actually makes my life easier.

When I had short hair, in order for it to look good, I felt like I had to style it every day.

Long hair is classic and easy.

I typically wash my hair only twice a week, and re-styling it never takes more than 10 minutes.

Over the years I’ve had many different lengths and thickness of hair extensions in, but for the last almost 16 Years I’ve consistently worn extensions. Even if it’s just one row to fill in the sides and hold curl better, or three full rows to give me that long mermaid hair.

In this post, I wanted to share a lot of photos so you could see the variety.

Most clients wear two rows. NBR work for short hair, long hair, thick and fine hair!

All photos in this post were done by myself and members of my team at the DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach, California.

Each week we get many clients who FLY or DRIVE-IN to Experience Natural Beaded Rows.

We are a hair color and extension Salon only. Each appointment typically takes around 3 to 5 hours. We would love to work with you and ask that if you’re interested to fill out a short application so that we can get a little history on your current hair.

Click HERE to fill out the application and schedule an appointment with our Salon Concierge over the phone. From there we will schedule your appointment at the DKW Styling Salon!