The bump finally started to get a little bit bigger, and the good news is it starts to make everything else feel smaller. Except for when people keep telling me from behind I look like Kim K. I take it as a compliment and tell them I’m working hard on it.

I stay pretty active during my pregnancy and I think this helps my overall energy and attitude. I always tell people I don’t have time to slow down. I’m not going to lie, there are moments where I just want to take the belly off for a couple of hours.

This week on my Date Your Wife Podcast I was trying not to laugh too hard as my husband shared his difficulties with me being pregnant. I thought to myself, “oh that’s fun… are you growing a human being too?”

But I guess this is a topic that comes up a lot with men. They’re not sure how to approach their wives, they want to be sensitive to the fact that, well… it was them that got them in the situation in the first place.

My husband Garrett said he was going to write a book on “What to Expect When Expecting: Men’s Edition.”

I have been told I handle pregnancy well, but I like to think of it as I handle life well. I’m not a very dramatic person by nature and always joke around that my husband and I could be in the exact same situation have a totally different story we just see life through a different lens.

This baby was planned and I’m excited about the new addition and journey to our family. My husband keeps asking, “do you want more kids?”

Honestly, I think if I told him I wanted 12 kids he’d be like, “oh, ok that sounds fun!!”

I want to say I’m done, but never think it’s a good place emotionally to ask the woman if she’s ready to have more kids while being pregnant.

So we’ll just take it one step at a time. I recently watched Amy Schumer stand up comedy on Netflix who is currently pregnant, and about as far along as I am. I about died every joke she said really hit home and at one point she even lifted her dress over her head asking what is the fascination was with the belly.

Oh, and that’s one thing about being pregnant. Why does everyone feel like they need to come up and rub your belly??

The only time you have permission to touch my belly is if I place your hand on my belly, and this is usually only when I feel the baby kicking.

My youngest daughter is almost 8 so this pregnancy has kind of felt like a new experience for me. If you want a good laugh, check out the podcast my husband and I did this week on pregnant sex!!

And check back-in every Thursday where I share my favorite look of the week.