This week I got to work with some pretty cool people.

First, Weylie who is a major YouTube and Instagram Influencer. I have been working with her for over two years.

When she first came to me, her hair was completely fried off from too much bleach. To be honest I was worried about taking her on as a client because of the short broken layers. We decided it would be best to not use any lightener on her hair, and ended up with 3 Rows of Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

2 years later, after being very conservative with color, her hair was able to grow out the length in the before. Because her hair was in much better shape we decided to take her a little lighter and we both loved how it turned out! She now she wears 2 rows of NBR with both 18 and 22” mixed. 

Next was Sophia who is also a big influencer on YouTube and Instagram. This was my first time doing her hair. Although her hair was very healthy, it was tricky to blend. She had long hair and then cut it into the blunt trendy bob you see a lot right now.

One of the hardest thing in extensions is breaking the line and getting the color to match spot on, and color blending is particularly harder with shorter layers. This is a balance of knowing how much hair to out in, and how much to take away. Although the installation and type of hair are crucial – if the color and cut don’t blend it’s a dead give away and it doesn’t look natural.

The extension hair should be toned and colored the same as the natural hair so the fade out still looks good. We have all seen that blonde walking around with yellow blonde hair and icy or platinum extensions hanging out.

Or, when the ends look too sparse, and even though the top layer blend, something still looks off. 

Bottom line: Blend is key. Experience and repetition is key to getting that blend.

DKW Styling Salon specializes in only Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions where we custom color and cut each set. 

Last was Braunwyn. She has been coming to me for the last year. She actually has a similar texture to me. My hair is fine and will only get so long before I feel like it just stops growing.

Braunwyn you may see more of her soon in the public eye in Orange County. 😉 She is wearing 2 rows of NBR with less hair per row so that it is not too heavy on the natural hair.

Her color has both warm and cool tones mixed in so that her fade out still blends and looks amazing! 

Natural Beaded Rows is known for not only looking good in that before and after, but looking as good if not better in person.

Because I also wear my product, I wanted it to look and feel as natural as possible. I don’t mind telling people I have extensions, but there is nothing worse than when someone points out that extensions are showing, or the blend doesn’t match. And trust me, I’ve been there because I’ve tried a little bit of everything. 

I’m currently only taking 5-6 clients per week, but I have an amazing staff of stylist that I have personally trained over the years and have all been doing hair for over 10 years! 

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