I’m so ready for spring I can’t even stand it!

We are spoiled in California – the weather is pretty mild here, so we think anything below 68° is cold.

When I started my Brand and blog, I was obsessed with following fashion and lifestyle bloggers. How many of you will follow influencers online, not just because they have great style, but their hair is pretty amazing too!

I realized all my top favorite fashion bloggers had amazing hair.

Literally, they could be in sneakers jeans and a T and I would think they’re just so damn cute!!

That’s when I realized hair is your greatest accessory, and often overlooked.

I never had amazing hair growing up. I always would cut my hair shoulder length or above to keep the fullness.

When I first got into hair, I was obsessed with finding a solution for hair extensions that look natural.

I can still to this day I remember my first set of hair extensions, I was 18 years old paid $1,500 and had tiny little individual bonds glued all over my head.

And to make matters worse, it was synthetic hair. At the time my hair was barely touching my jaw so you can imagine the synthetic mullet I had going on.

When I got into hair, every good colorist and hairstylist at the time told me, “don’t do extensions they look fake and cheap.” And I thought, “well yes I did experience fake, but definitely not cheap.”

I’m not naturally a researcher. I usually go off someone’s referral or recommendation. However, because of my bad experience, it was time to do a little research. I’m a problem solver by nature and I can get a little bit obsessed.

I actually learned my first set of beaded row extensions 16 years ago. At the time they were not called hand tied extensions. And I wasn’t even aware of hand-tied hair at the time.

I’m sure if you’re on social media researching hair extensions, you’ve heard the term “hand tied extensions specialist.” Be careful as this is referring to the hair and not the system in which the hair is attached. Hand-tied hair is referring to the size of the weft. Beaded rows and hand tied hair is NOT new,  it’s just trending right now.

The first time I discovered hand-tied hair I actually had it sewn in my hair old-school style with a braid, and then the hair was attached to it.

I found this extremely painful and damaging – But I loved the hair and the weft layed much flatter in my hair.

Over the years I tried any and every extension method I could get my hands on. I found out what I liked, and what worked.

Everything has a foundation from where it was created. I took the foundation of the first system I had learned and change the bead size, the string that was used, hair that was used,  and also changed the placement of the end beads and how they were attached. Over time it had evolved into a completely different system which I later named and branded Natural Beaded Rows.

We are now the top training company for beaded rows systems using hand-tied hair.

I currently own a luxury boutique salon located in Laguna Beach California called DKW Styling where we offer NBR and hair color.  Great extensions require an amazing blend of color. I’m passionate about color, and feel this is one of the reasons the overall finish is so natural looking.

Hand-tied hair is currently hard to keep in stock right now with just about every line out there.

I’m so excited to be launching Natural Beaded Rows first hand tied line of hair this spring.

Each color has been custom created to look more natural to make it easier for the stylist to blend, and make the overall experience better for the client.

ISLA by NBR launches in April at my salon and to my mastermind students May 1st.  I am currently wearing my product and hairline in my own hair right now, and couldn’t be more obsessed. I can’t wait to share more with all of you!

Education dates will be released soon, so jump on the waitlist HERE.

OR, to pre-book for my new hairline at the newly renovated DKW Styling Salon Click HERE!

Thursday as always I like to share my favorite look of the week. This dress by one of my favorite designers loves shack fancy.