DKW Styling Salon is the home of Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions. We currently have eight salon chairs and only specialize in hair color and hair extensions.

If you love our colors we only book them with a set of NBR Extensions. Each artist is personally trained by myself on NBR Extensions and the color blending.

Color blending is extremely important because let’s face it: Regardless of the installation process you choose, if the color isn’t correct it looks bad.

Each senior artist at DKW styling salon has currently been doing hair for over 10 years.

We all personally work with assistants to ensure the best quality on your hair. Plan for each appointment taking anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. I am personally only behind the chair two days a week taking 5 to 6 clients per week.

It’s important to do your research when it comes to hair extensions so that you feel confident and comfortable in not only the method but also the artist and Salon that you choose.

At the DKW Styling Salon, we are by appointment only. We ask that everyone fills out a short application so we can get more history on your hair and make sure you are a good fit. From there, we set up a phone consultation to go over expectations, realistic goals and schedule your appointment.

NBR and DKW have been branded for almost a decade. I launched my first education when hand tied hair and beaded rows we’re not trending, but I knew out of the dozens of extension application methods I have learned that what I had created over the years prior just work best on both my own hair, as well as my client’s hair.

With a little repackaging and better branding, I knew it would take off.  Experience is key and not all hand tied and beaded row methods are the same. Because I personally wear my own product I want it to be livable and not just look good in the before and after. I also wanted it to create little to no damage on my natural hair because let’s face it: I just don’t have a lot of natural hair.

NBR has a hand-tied hairline coming out May 1st, 2019!!!

We are launching 12 colors that I personally custom created. Each color is rooted and toned with less silicone. This means more natural foundational colors to start with. Our first launch we will only have straight available in 19 and 23 inches. Each weft has more grams than most hand-tied lines.  It also has the cuticle in-tact which means less shedding and less tangling!!

I have been testing hair over the last couple years to create my own line, and personally have this hair in and love it!! This line will only be available to our student base in 2019. We will re-launch small classes in 2020 nation wide, and expand sales of hair in 2020.

We get a ton of messages about classes. All small classes were put on hold this year so that we can better serve our existing student base. We will have one large convention with 1000 tickets available for sale going on in November 2019. This is a three day event with 6 weeks of pre-training.  Ticket sales will start for this next month!

All Before and Afters in this post were done by myself and members of my team this past week.

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Danielle K. White