You don’t need to read a dozen more self-help books, or take a few more personality tests to find out your strength and weaknesses, or attend another boot camp or class…

In fact, the more you read you’ll find a lot of personal development coaches are preaching the same damn thing, but based on where you are currently at, what you need to hear sounds a little differently from each person, which is perfect.

Have you ever been scrolling through IG and thought, “that’s exactly what I needed to hear”?

Or come across a book cover that cover that grabs your attention at the exact time you needed to see it??

Guess what!? In 2019 – Just GO!

You can be inspired all day long, but if you don’t GO you will continue to sit on the sidelines.

I am the most resistant person on the planet, and in my experience, the best way to learn is to not over think and go for it! You may be reading this and think go for what? When I started my brand over 8 years ago I thought I’m a hair stylist… What is a brand? Like Paul Mitchell or L’Oréal? How do I start??

YOU won’t be an expert at anything in the beginning, but you can’t become an expert without repetition.  New year, new goals, new start. What are three things you know you need to implement inside of your business right NOW? Start there.

You’d be surprised with how starting with the little things can have a big an impact over time. One of my goals this year is to write my first book. Every time I think about this, I get slightly overwhelmed. But if I break down my thoughts chapter by chapter it seems doable. Start with one thing, then move to the next.

Your first thing may be simply to make a list, then prioritize. Once you get started then jump into more education, more software, more apps, more books, more mentors.

But first – And this is the most important thing you may get out of today’s post…


And don’t be afraid to fail – be excited to fail. Learn from it, and become the best.

Happy New Years!

Danielle K. White