There’s something perfect about a white top and a good pair of Denim. You can throw it on the sneakers or a great pair pumps.

I’m only 5 3” even though my drivers license says I’m 5 4”  I’m pretty sure I shrunk after having kids. I hope that high waisted jeans never go out of style as they can make any petite girl look like she’s 5 8”.

A friend of mine introduced me to good American jeans. I’m pretty picky with my denim – they have to be just the right length, and have just the right stretch.

I have to say the price point and the fit on these is pretty amazing. I’ve actually purchased them in four different colors. I’ll link all of my favorites I have in this post. This white top is cute and under $100 but you can make any shirt look good with a great pair of shoes and a nice handbag.

If you love fashion, personal development, business, and beauty products – so do I, and I blog a little bit about it all.

Monday is all about hair transformations from the salon I own in Laguna Beach, California: the DKW Styling Salon.

On Tuesday’s My husband and I do a podcast together called DATE YOUR WIFE. It’s interesting: Doing the podcast once a week has actually made our Connection and Communication better this last year. We always try to keep it real, and although we don’t have it all figured out – we’ve gone through a lot and we try to share value each week.

Wednesday is my business podcast called BIG MONEY STYLIST which I do with my lead education director, Ani. Even if you don’t do hair you may find a lot to relate to inside this podcast: This last week was all about acknowledging the small things in life as big wins.

Thursday is fashion focused, with a recap from the week. Shop my recent look below:

You asked and I heard!  I’ve decided to restart my YouTube videos, so look out for hair and product knowledge starting on Fridays!