Top by Ulla Johnson | Flare by Alexis | Bag by Chloe | Sunglasses by Chloe

In an over-saturated market of mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, and influencers it’s hard to get ahead.

“If you post it, they will not come.”

Meaning a lot of people go in with the intentions to build a following believing that that will lead them to success. And yes, a small percentage actually make great money doing this and have even launched successful products after building their following.

But don’t compare yourself to those whose profession is Instagram… social media numbers don’t always equal success.

We get obsessed with the idea of scaling our businesses, but if you don’t do your numbers and know where you’re currently at, often times scaling is not the answer to profitability.

When I started my brand I had passion and skill for hair and hair extensions. I also had a product to offer. I wasn’t going to wait until I built a following, and then developed a skill or launch product. I needed more eyeballs on the product currently selling.

So off I went…

I went into business knowing very little, but having enough vision and certainty knowing that I would learn and figure it out along the way.

I’ve been told I’m stubborn, but I think of it as committed.

If you have enough vision & certainty you will become better at your craft transforming you to an expert in your area.

My husband does large events with Wake Up Warrior which is a company he created over the last 8 years on business and personal development for men.

Whenever he asked me to come to speak at an event with over 1,200 men I get nervous, however, if you asked me to get in front of the same group and talk about hair I’m not nervous at all because I’ve become an EXPERT in this area.

My goal this year is to know my numbers better. Not just see a spreadsheet where I instantly get overwhelmed, but to be able to look at where my businesses are currently at and know how to adjust when we need to.

There’s nothing worse than working your ass off and not having the certainty in looking at the direction of where your business is going.

If I find myself with too much extra time scrolling through social media and getting stuck and feeling frustrated, I remind myself I’m in the business of making money – not popularity.

Marketing is important, but make sure you’re focusing on the right numbers.

If you’re new to my blog, I post fashion on Thursday’s and try to share a little insight on my current mood.

THIS Top is by one of my favorite designers Ulla Johnson.

I’m a huge Fan of a high waisted flare and these are currently hiding my tiny growing baby bump. They are by Alexis which is another one of my favorite designers and currently sold out, however HERE is a link to a great pair of flares at half the cost that fit equally as cute.

My Bag (LINK) and Sunglasses (LINK) are by Chloe.

Happy Thursday!

Tune in tomorrow for a new YouTube video where I ’m channeling my inner Mariah Carey with my hair I re-created on my Instagram page.