It’s that time of year when you never feel like there’s enough time. I tend to get in panic mode the last couple weeks before Christmas and overbuy. Or maybe I just perform better under pressure – that’s how I like to look at it, Haha.

Salon life is crazy this time of year. I have to say my team pulled it off with class and grace. Friday is the last day open for the year at the DKW Styling Salon! Then it’s closed for two weeks so we can have some much-needed rest and family time.

Many changes in my business are in store for 2019.

I’m excited and nervous, which means I’m in the perfect spot. I know it’s typical to make New Year’s resolutions, however, I would challenge you to not look at it as a resolution and instead write down targets and goals and make timelines for them.

For me, this helps me see the big picture and not feel overwhelmed.

When you feel overwhelmed you end up doing nothing, and often times three months go by, then six months go by, and the next thing you know the years over and you find yourself in the same spot.

Often times we want to go from A-to-Z in one step, but you can’t skip every thing in between.

If you can stay consistent with the small things, those small things turn into big things.

In the Spring of 2019, Natural Beaded Rows will finally be launching a line of hand tied hair – Each color and length and texture has been custom created by me.

One of the hardest things when blending hair extensions is the color of the hair. Better colors equal better results for the extension Specialist.

This hairline will be only available to NBR artists. Ticket sales for my education will go on sale early spring 2019, so make sure you are on the 2019 BMS Waiting List HERE!

Life isn’t meant to stay stagnant. It would be boring that way.

So in 2019, I would challenge you to dream just a little bigger.

Set realistic goals and targets for 2019, but don’t be afraid to reach past what you think might be possible.

I dropped out of college to become a hairdresser and never knew how far I would take it.

Your reality becomes what you work towards and create.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!