Growing up I always had short hair. I was told by every hairstylist that my hair didn’t look good long – Which of course made me want long hair even more.

Before I started doing hair I had my first experience with extensions.

I was 19 years old and paid over $1,500 for bad extensions. They were done with synthetic hair, individually bonded all over my hair. I always joke around about my hair as toddler hair that never grew up. 

I went to Paul Mitchell school where I developed a love and passion for hair color, hair cutting, and hair styling.

The problem was extensions were not taught in school. Every good colorist I spoke with told me not to do extensions because they didn’t look natural, and it ruined the natural hair. 

Desperate to find a solution for my hair, as well as something to offer to potential clients with hair similar to mine, I started researching. 

The popular method at the time was individual protein bonds. Because of my previous bad experience, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to learn the system with hair individually glued in, however, this was done with natural hair, and I thought maybe it was not the application that was the problem – but the hair.

So I put those in my hair only to realize I liked the hair, however, the process itself still drove me crazy. Not to mention they were very time-consuming and more like an all day experience inside of the salon.

Along the way, I decided to try braid-in or sew-in. I liked a track versus a million little things glued to my head, however, I felt there were still a lot of damage and was worried for my hair. 

This is when I learned my first beaded track system. For a year I would combine a couple rows in the back and protein bonds on the sides. However, this was still destroying my sides which is where I already don’t have a lot of hair there. 

I then learned tape in extensions these were the new trending method and I was told they were amazing on fine hair, but the experience wasn’t much better than glued in singles on the side of my head. And I felt like they showed even more on the sides. 

I realized that the less areas I had extensions attached to my head, the less damage occurred. 

Problem solving with many systems over the years led me to develop a system called Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions.

Now we are a worldwide brand where I personally educate hundreds of students all over the globe. 

Another problem with hair extensions is not just the installation process, but the color and cut: regardless of what your process it is, if this doesn’t blend it’s a dead giveaway it’s hair extensions.

NBR is known for its natural look and it seems color blends. I didn’t just want magazine hair or hair that looked good in the before and after on IG, I wanted hair that looked natural in real life.

I want to be able to put my hair in a ponytail without worrying about it showing.

I wanted to be able to do daily activities such as working out or swimming and still have it look natural. 

As a busy mom and business owner, I didn’t want to spend all day in the salon. But I still wanted amazing results. I wanted livable, movable, natural looking hair.

When I first launch my brand Natural Beaded Rows, beaded rows or hand tied hair was not trending. Although sew-in extensions and rows themselves had been around forever, they were not the preferred choice. 

The Natural Beaded Rows brand has been going strong for almost 10 years.

And now, hand tied hair and beaded row extensions are the most sought-after hair extensions on the market right now.

It’s all started with my passion for finding a solution to my own hair. Amongst many competing systems out there, I believe that experience is what you should look for in hair extensions. The experience of the end result with your hair, and also the experience while sitting in the chair.

My DKW Styling Salon is a small upscale boutique salon in Orange County, California. You will not find an assembly line of clients that have to sit in the salon all day long. 

At DKW Styling Salon, we start the process with a phone interview with each potential client. We want to ensure that we can deliver the best results possible and also answer any questions or concerns you as a client might have. Not everyone is a fit for Natural Beaded Rows, just like not everyone is a fit for hair extensions in general.

Before you even enter DKW Salon we review your application as well as going over current photos of your hair. On your appointment day we will do another consultation in-person to go over realistic expectations colors lengths and at home care.

The better educated the client is, the better experience they will have with their NBR. Hair extensions should not just look good in a Before and After Photo but should be seamless. If the track is exposed, or the wind blows, they should still blend and hide in the hair.

This is why the process of custom coloring is so important for each individual client.

We pride ourselves, and not just an Instagram following or good before and after photos, but in delivering an amazing  experience and good hair for each individual client. 

Hair has such a big impact on women’s lives and in the confidence that it can give us, and can spread throughout our jobs, and in our relationships being a mom and more.

Investing in yourself is a must for women and as I always say it’s not just about the hair.

Here is what a few clients from DKW styling this past week including the last blonde was done by a student in my Shadowing Program. @karabakeerr. 

NBR will have a custom colored line of hand tied hair coming out early spring 2019, and only available for purchase for NBR Certified Stylists. 

All small classes are on hold for 2019, but ticket sales for our large convention go on sale the end of January!! Make sure you’re on our wait list here.

To experience NBR at my DKW Styling Salon, click here for more information.

Cheers and happy New Years! 

Danielle k. White