This week I had the opportunity to have another shadowing student with me during the week. (Click HERE to find out more information about my Shadowing Program.)

One thing that students always want to learn is how to create better photos of their work.

I would say the hardest thing inside of getting that perfect shot is lighting and angle, but also in taking the after photo you have to realistically look at the after and ask yourself, “are there any areas that my work can improve on?” Whether it’s the color, style, cut or even the position or angle that you’ve positioned your client in.

Otherwise, you cannot become a better artist.

And the cool thing about hair is it’s always evolving, and there is always more to learn.

A lot of artists are limiting themselves based on time, and what they create for each client.

Therefore, the quality of their work reflects that.  

Artists are hesitant to hire assistants for some reason. I know because I was once there.

Once you have help, the quality of your work improves drastically – and you’re not as tired.

Hair becomes more enjoyable, and your energy and work reflects on each client.

On each one of my after photos, I take at least 30 shots to get one or two good ones.

I make sure to give each client a lot of direction based on where to look, where to hold their hands, smile, not smile.

I find it makes the clients feel more comfortable. I also move around multiple locations inside of my salon to find the correct lighting.

At night time we use box lights, and also a ring light. (The tools I use for photos are further down inside this post.)

Bottom line is, the more experience you have photoing your work, the better the photographer you become.

It’s not realistic to have a full-time photographer there every day, and even if you get to the point in your career where you do, it’s still important to learn the basics of photos and marketing.

Your Instagram handle is your portfolio and should reflect the quality of the work that you do.

When you have bad lighting, it’s hard to have your work be reflected as it is.

Many artist will edit their photos. I don’t have a problem with this, however, I tell them to not over-edit and make sure that it looks as close to you in person as it does in real life.

This way, when a client shows you a photo of your work and says I like this, it reflects how it looks in real life, and you can replicate that on a new client.

There’s nothing worse than false advertising.

But if you are confident in your skills, what you market is what you give your clients.

It’s important to take photos of multiple different angles. This will give you more content to post. Don’t post it all at once. Break it up.

I recommend to my students to post at least once a day with a clear called action.

You’d be surprised with something simple as “CLICK link in bio” and how well it actually works.

When someone comes to your Instagram page it should be very clear what you were offering.

So if you don’t enjoy men’s cuts, don’t post them.

If you don’t like fashion colors, don’t post them.

If you don’t like short haircuts, don’t post them.

If you want the focus of your work to be on color and extensions, only post that.

If you’re using social media to gain business I would also recommend that you’re very clear with how they make appointments.

Don’t allow them to both text, email, DM, fill out an application, or call the salon.

This will just run clients in a circle and create more confusion.

You may lose many clients doing things this way.

I know because I used to try and do this and it was just creating more chaos for myself. 

I was afraid that I would miss out on a new leads or opportunity for client.

It’s too many options, and every client should run through the same process.

At my salon, because we only do hair extensions and hair color, we have to assure that each potential client is a good fit.

Therefore they must fill out an application. Filling out an application also helps me filter through clients that are not a good fit.

Remember not everyone is a potential client for YOU.

I want to be able to offer clients amazing results, and an application helps me do this.

Here’s the list of tools that I use for photography:

Here’s the List of Tools That I Use for Photography:

The camera I use is actually pretty basic. I have other fancy lenses, but if I’m being honest it’s not always the camera.

It’s the person behind the camera, and the subject your shooting.

Figure out how to use the basics, and then go from there.

Congrats to my Shadowing student last week @hairbyericasantos who assisted me all week on each client and her model for the week was the short brassy blonde two long brighter blonde.

Makeup by @Chelsearoach

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