I felt like it was BLONDE week at the DKW Styling Salon!

It’s important to look at skin tone when choosing your desired blonde.

Also, keep in mind if you’re that blond that wants to be a little bit cooler and your naturally a dark brown you will lift differently than a natural blonde. You may want to consider a toner at the salon in between visits. Or a good purple shampoo might just do the trick to maintain your desired blonde.  (Don’t be the  girl that over purples your hair,  a little warmth is ok I promise).

Sometimes a clarifying shampoo may also help brighten your blonde. But usually, after about eight weeks or so, it’s just time for a touchup. With my blonde, I will go in with a baby light and when that’s almost done processing, some of the blonde ends I put lightner on them for the last five minutes to brighten up.

Be careful with toners – you may want to strand test first to determine how poorest the Hair is. This means how quickly will the toner absorbe in the hair.

Still getting tons of emails about education. 2019 we are investing back into our students and putting a hold on classes. We have a new online forum called NBR/BMS University!  I’m so excited about this, it’s like hair school online, but with business and marketing training!!

We are only accepting 250 students out of the 400 that applied.  Each student has to hit prerequisites before they are accepted. This will continue to help push the quality of the brand. We will hold one large convention in November 2019 in San Diego, California with over a thousand students – For new students, this is what we will open ticket sales for. Tickets sales will open early spring 2019. (Jump on the waitlist here)

In 2020, we will open up classes nationwide at multiple locations.

In 2019 I’m also accepting limited students for my one-on-one shadowing program.

I’ve had many applications come in for this in the last couple weeks, however, we are in the process of organizing and revamping this program as well.  So if you have filled out the application for this, or interested, I will be following up with all applicants in January 2019.

All Photos in this post were done at the DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach CA. To make an appointment click here!

Spotlight to my last weeks shadowing artist @anastasiakhair who did the dramatic short bob transformation!!