Happy Mane Monday!

Today on the blog I wanted to share a little bit more of my hair journey with you. I have been behind the chair consistently for over 16 years. I took two breaks during the birth of both my children where I took four months off. But other than that I’ve been going strong.

I always had an interest in hair extensions even before I started hair school. I have never been able to grow my hair much past my shoulders and have it look decent.

In college, my roommate had amazing extensions but her natural hair was pretty long so it just made her already good hair even better.

I was naïve enough to think that my 4-inch stubs of hair would look just like her is if I got her extensions. $1600 later I had the most expensive mullet you have ever seen with synthetic hair glued individually to over 150 spots on my head!

As soon as I finished hair at school, I dove into researching more about hair extensions. To this day hair extensions are NOT taught in hair school. I knew the idea of having 100 little things glued to my hair was out of the question, and moved on to learning my first set of beaded row extensions.

People always ask me, “How did you create Natural Beaded Rows®?”, like if I was just playing around my house one day with some string and beads and created a whole system overnight. Haha nope.

Every creation has a foundation of where it started.

The first method I learned was, in fact, done with beads and string.

Over the years, the Placement, Bead size and shape, string, hair, and even the way it was stitched in completely changed how I originally was taught.

The only similarity left was that beads and string were the foundation for me.

In fact, one of the reasons I started my brand was because I realized it was an entirely new system that I created that I trademark and named Natural Beaded Rows®.

If you looked at a picture of the foundation of the first method I learned, and NBR® in a picture side-by-side they don’t even resemble the same system anymore.

When I first launched my brand and started educating on Natural Beaded Rows®, beaded rows were not cool. Everyone was doing tape-ins and individual bonding of some sort.

I also learned several tape-ins and over a dozen different methods of hair extensions throughout my journey perfecting NBR®.

As I started putting my work out there and pushing NBR® education, I slowly started to convert others that this might be the method of choice with extensions.

I KNEW it was picking up momentum when knock-off brands started to pop up.

NOW, everybody in the hair world wants to learn more and educate on a new trend of beaded rows and hand tied hair.

I decided to post an inside sneak peek of what NBR® looks like, so you can get an idea of what it looks like under the surface.

With an abundance of knock-off brands popping up, the best way to compete is with direct results with our students inside of BMS.

To push quality over quantity.

Without BMS, NBR® would not have the same results with our students.

I love hair and hair extensions. The transformation is so big it literally changed lives.

I know that sounds kind of crazy but the impact of a woman feeling beautiful and confident affects every area in our lives.

Hair is our number one accessory. Hair is not a function, it’s a feeling, and I love seeing women’s leave the DKW Styling Salon with a little more pep in their step.

All work in this post was done by me. For appointments with myself or a member of my team, Click Here to Apply Today.

For more information on our education for 2019, read last weeks NBR blog post here.

Danielle K. White
Creator of Natural Beaded Rows®