What a week! With two back to back NBR Conventions this last week in Huntington Beach California, it’s safe to say it was the best events we have put on!

Here is work from myself and my platform of artists from the event. The platform of artists that were chosen has been in my education program anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Some even before I owned my salon. All of them are business owners and salons owners themselves, with anywhere from 20 chairs Salon‘s, to 4 chairs Natural Beaded Rows boutiques.

A BIG thank you to my platform artists who demonstrated true talent and professionalism.

@mot.garnishstudio@michaelabreci@caralroq@amandakextensions – @ani.dkwstyling

Be sure to follow each of them on IG. They will be trainers moving forward with us in 2019!!

We have received many questions and emails regarding education for 2019.

It’s time to pump the brakes and build a stronger foundation. I went into education to change the game, and in order to do that, we need real students with real results, not just another certification piece of paper.

In 2019 the only way into our BMS/NBR will be Convention in November 2019. There will be 1,000 tickets, this will be available to register early spring 2019.  If you missed your window in 2018, you can apply for My Shadowing Program HERE. I will only be accepting 20 students in 2019 for this.

We are NOT offering any other classes and will be focusing on our NEW mastermind student base.

My current mastermind has over 300 students that train with me weekly.  Instead of rolling another 300 artists into the mastermind group, this is where we have decided to pump the brakes. Results speak louder than popularity.

That’s why we, in 2019, are cutting it down to 250 of the best of Natural Beaded Rows. There a prerequisite that each artist must hit in order to be a part of the mastermind. This will help me effectively train each student based on the level that they’re at, and help remain quality control inside of our education as well as the Natural Beaded Rows brand.

We are opening up a licensee NBR program inside our mastermind. All 250 have the potential to hit licensee if they hit the prerequisites. These artists will be listed on the NBR website with photos of their work, and a map locator.

Bottom line, in 2019 we are committed to backing up artist that have proven their work – Not just attended a class.

Make sure you’re on our waiting list for the 2019 BMS Convention so you don’t miss when we announce the Convention!! And to find out more about shadowing, click here!

For all appointments at DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach CA, Click HERE to Apply! Fly-ins always welcome.

Danielle k. White,
Creator of Natural Beaded Rows
Founder of DKW styling