This week I’m gonna keep it short and simple. As many changes occur in my business, I continue to be patient and know that I’m not in for the short term. I’m in it for the long term.

Patience is key, and make ‘experience’ even more valuable.

Without the spark, a flame doesn’t exist. Potential experience doesn’t equal actual experience.

This next week we enter my education for hair stylists. We will be training for six days straight. Our first event will for our mastermind students, and the second event will be with completely new students for NBR and BMS. I’m so excited for these events and look forward to each and every new chapter of my life.

A thought I’ll leave you for the weekend is…

It’s not how you show up in the spotlights – it’s how you show up in the dark.

Remember that.

Do the work necessary and stay humble, consistent and patient.

Cheers and Happy Weekend,

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